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Example sentences for unmistakable

He blows a few bars, his rich, resonant tone unmistakable even in this crowded room.
The first thing she noticed was an unmistakable scream of yellow flashing back to her from inside the tubes.
Even in crowds, the big bulls are unmistakable-they are three times larger than females.
When it finally did show up, it bore the unmistakable hump of a committee camel.
Even so, the power of the new network was unmistakable.
Almost immediately, there were unmistakable signs that new surveillance tools would be a linchpin in the war on terrorism.
Such signals would be brief and rare, but they would also be strong and unmistakable.
Research does find an unmistakable advantage to getting a bachelor's degree.
Still, the damage to the neighborhood--physical and otherwise--was unmistakable.
But commercial buttermilk sold in supermarkets has an unmistakable tang.
Its symbolism is unmistakable, and many immediately interpreted it as a dove.
But it has something startlingly new: the unmistakable marks of actual thinking.
It has been a subtle but unmistakable cultural decline.
His stark style was unmistakable: large-format camera.
And there are other, less familiar historical moments that also have unmistakable resonance with the present.
Also three long since vacated horse stalls, but the unmistakable aroma of horses remained.
The move went largely unnoticed for a week, an unmistakable sign that the service had not caught on with consumers.
Males unmistakable when red crown is seen but beware of poor lighting conditions.
Unfortunately, there is no one simple, quick and unmistakable characteristic to tell a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one.
They can be difficult to spot from the air, but their broad, gently domed shape is unmistakable from the ground.

Famous quotes containing the word unmistakable

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