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At its base the blast's expanding shock wave, visible as a whitish ring, engulfs a fleet of unmanned naval vessels.
He is also developing a tiny acoustic transponder that could be implanted in the jelly and used to track it with an unmanned sub.
Then explain to students that a space probe is an unpiloted, unmanned device sent to explore space.
He has conducted more than a hundred deep-sea expeditions, using both manned and unmanned vehicles.
Unmanned rockets could carry large pieces of the base to the moon.
One idea is to use unmanned rockets to carry modules to the moon's surface.
But today, our group can still see our fingerprints all over almost every submersible in the world, manned or unmanned.
Sounding rockets are unmanned research instruments that collect data during sub-orbital flights.
That's especially true when it comes to surveillance, particularly unmanned surveillance.
But it's a tentative entry, at best, into the ranks of the unmanned systems revolution.
Today's unmanned orbital droids may represent the state of the art.
Virtually all of the scientific knowledge gained by the space program was or could have been obtained by use of unmanned vehicles.
The above leaflet shows an unmanned drone and an aerial view of a tank.
His buttocks already ached from flexing, and the mere thought of envisioning the desolate beach unmanned him.
Most of the science it is supposed to do could be done more cheaply, and more efficiently, on unmanned rockets.
Yes manned flight is infinitely more expensive than unmanned drones, but filet mignon is considerably more expensive than gruel.
Scientific missions within our solar system can be carried out far more cheaply and effectively using unmanned probes and robots.
These include higher structural safety margins and more back-up systems than those imposed on unmanned vehicles.
Unmanned watchtowers bristling with cameras and heat sensors are being developed.
Mobile power could give the military a huge advantage with remotely operated, unmanned equipment.
Unmanned projects will advance technology and give more bang for the buck.
Soon to be added are a remote-controlled surveillance airplane, a small jet boat, and an unmanned submersible.
The unmanned program is having its heyday right now.
So if you axe the manned space program, the unmanned will inevitably follow short after that.
Unmanned submarines make the descent, fitted with robotic arms that guide the drill into the seafloor.
The mechanics are so simple that you can even build your own, unmanned, ornithopter.
The space agency is also working towards building a small space station by locking together several unmanned spacecraft in orbit.
We're getting far more for our money from the much less expensive unmanned program.

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