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But they were unlucky enough to appear in their particular time and space.
And hundreds of unwary-or merely unlucky-explorers have lost their lives attempting to probe their secrets.
Owls have even been known to prey upon unlucky cats and dogs.
Prisoners unlucky enough to be caught were punished severely.
Some of the largest have pitchers up to a foot deep and can consume a whole frog or even a rat unlucky enough to fall into them.
One user even reported worse battery life with the update, but that unlucky individual seems to be an outlier.
Thoughtful people in general as well as unlucky patients have been distressed by some of the effects of specialization.
The faces of people dying from or struggling with aids have dwindled to an unlucky few.
He prayed and he prayed, but still he remained as unlucky as ever.
The world is a lottery wherein one must expect to meet with many unlucky chances.
When all things were fitted for the voyage, many unlucky omens appeared.
Serious house fires are rare, but when one occurs it is devastating to the unlucky family.
So far as the plot is concerned, it upholds the idea that it is unlucky to light three cigarettes on one match.
But the workings of fate figure far less in the narrative than bad choices and unlucky accidents.
If you're unlucky, you may have known more than one.
The unlucky members of the other group were shown pictures of buildings and told to write about the weather.
He was unlucky, but anyone who'd spent five minutes with a travel guide could have caught him out equally well.
If they are unlucky, they hear the criticism second-hand, from their irate boss.
The unlucky middle-aged employees who are laid off are, in effect, thrown on the scrapheap.
But in the meantime it has had no option other than to cancel all flights forthwith, stranding some unlucky fliers.
If you're unlucky enough to inhale one of those, you could get quite a dose, he says.
Mine was that the researchers were unlucky, and their groups were actually different in their political views.
If you're really unlucky, one or the other animal will have to go.
It'll be a painful education for that unlucky group but somebody has to do it.
It will simply keep the door open to more ideas and people when something goes terribly bad for few unlucky ones.
For some unlucky folks, enough gas simply seeps through the ground from a leaky natural reservoir.
Unless you are unlucky enough to develop an allergy, these do not activate your immune system in any way.
And while it almost never happens, you might be unlucky enough to get a dishonest cabbie.
The kids cheer when the unlucky target gives in and moves aside.
Alligators stay close to the small lakes and willow sloughs feeding on fish and unlucky wading birds.
But some investors, through uninformed or unlucky choices, could be faced with small or even negative rates of return.
If you did the same thing with five bread molds you would have to be pretty unlucky to get five sick bread molds.
The basis of life insurance is that some of those insured will die, but there is no way of knowing who will be the unlucky ones.

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