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Example sentences for unload

At the dock, commercial fishermen unload their catch before their boats are hoisted by crane from the sea.
Get more public transportation to unload the roads then drop your speed.
The price can vary, of course, and occasionally a dealer will get a big shipment of stolen needles and unload them cheap.
Now we're the ones who unload the car and carry the heaviest bags.
He has his eye on a spice box, so he decided to unload the menorah.
The smart play was to wait for the ball to settle, then unload.
Instead they store heat during the day and unload it in the cool of the night.
The user bags items while shopping, thus avoiding having to unload and reload the cart at the register.
It's true that you can sell a home to unload a mortgage, while you can never sell off your education.
We hired movers to load a pod on our end, and then other movers to unload.
She's not likely to obviously unload, but look for clues and opportunities.
If you really want to unload the books, be responsible and donate the books to a public library.
No sitting around at food warehouses, waiting to unload.
The main port seems to have suffered heavy damage, and while flights are making it to the airport, there's no one there to unload.
Gantry cranes then unload the containers onto trucks.
Overloaded vehicles carrying farm produce have not been required to unload and drivers have been given lighter fines.
They are finding it harder to unload the stakes they own in start-ups.
In a supermarket, for instance, they could eliminate the need to unload the trolley and scan its content item by item.
The container crane, a new invention, made it possible to load and unload containers without capsizing the ship.
Once you flip back up to the top screen, this serves as ammunition for special attacks that you can unload onto enemies.
He and his crew park outside the trailer and begin to unload their cargo.
We didn't take long to unload, find the pits and get setup.
There wasn't enough space on the ground for them all, and too few forklifts and trucks to unload the planes once they landed.
It also saves you time since you don't have to unload a car full of equipment and pitch a tent.
We're already starting to see investors renting instead of selling homes they bought, because they can't unload them.
They were eager to unload their shares in the biotech firm.
Forage wagons are used to transport and unload feed into storage or feed areas.
The facility offers easy load and unload vehicle access to facilitate booth setup and tear down and convenient parking.
He was the operator at the unload station of a barrel plating operation.
The following are potential hazards of reactor load and unload.
The design enabled a worker to completely operate and unload the wagon while seated in the tractor seat.
Use caution when stepping off the curb to load or unload your bike.
Load, unload and maintain all vehicles in a proper and safe manner.
Exhibitors in other cities can drive up to the dock and unload equipment themselves.

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