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Nor is it unlikely that the confluence of many attributes may have conferred it on him.
But underwater, it's home to a surprising animal that has managed to survive in this inhospitable and unlikely habitat.
Researchers have known for years that people who easily become tipsy are unlikely to become alcoholics.
Even at this early stage it struck me as unlikely that a civilization could have declined continuously for a thousand years.
She's an unlikely figure to play this part in art history.
There are also rumours that blondes will go extinct, all of which are highly unlikely.
Any zoo animal that suddenly found itself in the wild would be unlikely to survive.
Their unlikely weapons in this initial phase of the campaign: tobacco, honeybees, and domestic animals.
The unlikely guests spend the night on the terrace level in a service corridor.
Some photographic moments are memorable because they are so unlikely.
Population pressures, which are driving the encroachment into nature reserves and endangered habitats, are unlikely to ease.
The earthquake that did not happen is still forming, but is now considered unlikely to happen for another century or two.
Life is about chance, and there's a chance that anything could happen, no matter how unlikely.
Not dirt cheap, but then, you're unlikely ever to lose it.
The war against tenure may begin at community colleges, but it's unlikely to end there.
Your good idea must also be well positioned, or review panels for grant agencies are unlikely to approve it.
It's unlikely, however, that the president will get as much money as he's asking for.
Many colleges and universities have unlikely histories.
But the magazine's new system is unlikely to satisfy all of its critics.
Such a vast amount of money is unlikely to be available over the next decade.
Don't dwell on this, though, as it's unlikely to make or break your candidacy.
And is unlikely that you will be, unless you marry into that world or found a fabulous company that you can sell for millions.
Hairless, legless and confined to the sea, whales make for unlikely mammals.
Extremely unlikely, scientists say, but stress may play a role in a more gradual graying process.
Such an alignment would be unlikely if the particles came from more distant sources and barreled through the universe unimpeded.
At the time, astronomers thought that events beyond a redshift of two or three were unlikely.
The plants favor hot, dry conditions and hence are unlikely to threaten rain forests.
The effects of climate change, they say, are unlikely to be gradual or predictable.
Trappers have said that coyotes would be highly unlikely to be caught in a cage trap.
Yet it is a reflection of how things are changing in the media business that such an outcome is unlikely.
But the substance of its ruling is unlikely to be changed.
However, even if this occurs a swift return to political stability is unlikely.
Despite some mutinous muttering, he seems unlikely to face a leadership challenge before then.
But it is unlikely to pay for fundamental research in what is still an imperfectly understood field.
But as the deadline for applications nears, he seems unlikely to face any serious challenge.
But, based on the experience of previous national commissions of inquiry, outsiders are unlikely to trust this one.
And anyway it now seems unlikely that suspending fair value would make much difference.
But however strong his family ties, he is unlikely to get deeply embroiled.
But despite the fevered shuttling these missions appear unlikely to bear fruit.
They are unlikely to manifest themselves solely in someone's teens.
It's an unlikely-and to many, unfathomable-vacation destination.
But it does mean that the global economy is robust enough so that these funds are unlikely to shake it.
All in all, a reprise of last year's oil crisis seems unlikely.
It has twenty-two villages and, for the past dozen years or so, it's been the site of an unlikely social movement.
From this unlikely marriage-the computer lab and the carnival-the video-game industry was born.
However, the subway didn't seem to us such an unlikely place for an act of faith.
But resigning in protest has gained popularity of late among an unlikely group: big corporations.
If the economy were growing briskly, it's unlikely that the health-care bill would have become so politically toxic.
Bulletproof vests of the future may be constructed from an unlikely material: paper.
But cloning is so expensive that such animals serve primarily as breeders and are unlikely to enter the food supply directly.
Perhaps nothing known to modern science is as unlikely and outrageous as the daily work of our genes.
However, in the context of the culture at the time it is unlikely.
Dramatic is an unlikely word for a book that devotes half its pages to deconstructions of ellipses, parabolas, and tangents.
Intelligence is a multifaceted quality that is unlikely to be traced to a single gene.
But that seems unlikely, and that discomfort can spur on more research that yields better insights and results closer to truth.
Although they're known to be building with tamarisks in other creeks, they're unlikely to be a panacea.
But this particular caterpillar is already dead, and its corpse has been protected by two unseen and unlikely partners.
Cirrhosis of the liver is unlikely to catch up with them for decades, and heart disease must seem as remote as retirement.
Yet cancer alone is unlikely to cause a lung to collapse.
Patenting genes has proven controversial enough on its own, so high-tech policing of these patents is unlikely to go down easy.
In other words, these pitcher plants are unlikely to have any commercial value.
Deep sea sharks ambushing land mammals seems highly unlikely.
But unfortunately, it's unlikely that denying the application for the pipeline will prevent these emissions.
Because of its hallucinogenic side effects, ketamine is unlikely to become a widely used antidepressant.
The natural sweetener in your soft drink or chocolate bar could soon come from an unlikely source: potatoes.
The conventional approach to making engineered products is unlikely to yield a satisfying answer.
Perfect shaping of an object with edges and corners is unlikely.
The future of fuel-cell vehicles is already happening in an unlikely proving ground: forklifts used in warehouses.
And without real changes in user behavior, software suppliers are unlikely to change.
In this case, the chemical-sensing bacteria are theoretically harmless and unlikely to survive long in the harsh open environment.
In some cases, tests can reduce costs by reducing prescriptions or procedures that are unlikely to help an individual patient.
Insurers would be motivated to pay for tests that could rule out an expensive cancer treatment as unlikely to work.
Right now, the output is so low that the technology is unlikely to be able to generate power for homes and cars.
Current proposals to limit tracking are unlikely to address the core problem-the use of collected information in undisclosed ways.
But other experts point out that peer-to-peer file sharing is unlikely to disappear.
The resulting batteries are unlikely to catch fire, even if crushed in an accident.
It is unlikely that they know what this term means or why they have gone to war.
It is unlikely that the learned author can have been unaware of these objections.
They make a strange cast of characters: butchers of books from the unlikely world of libraries.
It's not unlikely that each year they are faced with reading two hundred books.
He may have done a better job of living by striving for an unlikely but magnificent success.
It is unlikely that the five thousand and more changes he has introduced will excite great controversy.
It is unlikely, he says, that they would allow the presidency to slip from their grasp after sixty years.
But it seems unlikely that they would have been less successful.
Should he be convicted, he faces five years in jail, but that is highly unlikely.
Nana's fervent supplications to her cell-phone gods produce an unlikely catalyst who later creates an unexpected fission.
Yet, absent a body or any physical evidence, the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.
The place seemed as unlikely as the coming together of the two principals.
Fallen leaves and steam are the unlikely ingredients of a remarkable brand of disposable plates and bowls.
It is pretty unlikely that there is any connection between rainfall and earthquakes.

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