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It's easy for even unlicensed amateurs to notice that any language, including ours, has gaps aching to be filled.
No one knows the number of unlicensed saloons in the city.
And fans have started creating their own unlicensed tributes, too, some of which are for sale.
We're suddenly not a bunch of unlicensed investigators running around for our own sake.
It also frees up more spectrum for tinkering on unlicensed space.
But police confiscated his unlicensed cart, slapping and insulting him.
Unlicensed traders in the souks-once chased away-now occupy prime spots.
Unlicensed drivers are five times more likely to be in a fatal crash than licensed ones.
Many fisherman have since set up as unlicensed tourist operators.
The nights have become quieter since the police, back in action, started to question people wielding unlicensed weapons.
Pretty soon, no dog loving buyer would want an unlicensed mill dog.
The unlicensed driver was sentenced last month to three-and-a-half years in prison.
Fake military checkpoints and unlicensed taxi drivers are common around airports.
Be wary of minibus taxis, the white vans that are often driven by unlicensed drivers.
Any unlicensed breeder would be slapped with a felony and possible imprisonment.
Homeowners can protect themselves by avoiding unlicensed contractors.

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