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Water weekly for the first few months unless there is regular rain.
And don't use a food processor on any potato unless you want glue.
There should be a law against people buying old houses unless they plan to restore them.
Predators typically give skunks a wide berth unless little other food is available.
Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably haven't run across this new species of poisonous, nearly blind pseudoscorpion.
Avoid bringing new hiking boots unless you have time to break them in beforehand.
The birds pale in captivity unless their diet is supplemented.
We will never share your e-mail address with other organizations unless you allow us to do so.
Don't open the camera back unless you are in an area that is well sheltered.
Personalized items cannot be returned unless damaged or defective.
Unless the new river blockage is breached, the area will probably turn into a large heated lake.
There's no way you can even attempt to start negotiating a peace unless you know the conflicted history of the region.
Unless, that is, you happen to be in the path of its slow-moving lava flows.
Effectively, they're already dead unless something changes.
Unless the notice is required to be in writing it may be given orally.
But in all cases it may be said that a writer should not indulge in these unless he is quite sure he is a good writer.
Indeed, unless the reader has at once fallen into the right point of view, the more he knows the more likely he is to see wrong.
The first thing a writer must learn is, that he is not to reject them unless he can show good cause.
Unless you are on the search committee these letters are rarely seen.
However, unless our students temper their dreams with realism, they will never achieve them.
No ritual or routine to get things done is effective unless it's effective for you.
Normally there is no contact with applicants unless they are selected for interview.
On a large campus, college students tend to sell drugs unless they fear getting caught.
The upshot is that, unless the country enjoys a wet southern-hemisphere winter, by next year it could face energy shortages.
Lacking solid legitimacy, she may now face a rocky second term unless she manages to mend fences with her opponents.
But they will wither unless the central government throws its weight squarely behind them.
Unless certain agencies could use twitter as a tracking system, there is no real significance to much of this information.
Unless you're a master of sleeping on demand, long-haul flights can be a drag.
Once you have reached your third trimester of pregnancy, you are advised to avoid travel unless it is absolutely necessary.
Not unless you want to see an auto executive come unhinged.
These correlation studies are meaningless unless the groups who get married or don't get married are identical to begin with.
Unless otherwise noted, the compounds mentioned below are in the early stages of human testing.
Unless someone told you, you'd never know the beets were fertilized with human urine.
Unless you know that the painter accurately painted a real event.
Right and they will charge an obscenely high price for it, so unless you have great insurance, prepare to keep on suffering.
Unless you're a robot, your speech has a musical quality to it.
More zoos is differently not the solution, unless animals can place humans into zoos.
Most chose to sit idly-unless they were given the chance to rearrange the beads instead of to rebuild it as it was.
And unless you are vegan, step down, the hypocrisy is painful.
Full of soul, it's the kind of music you gotta dance to-unless there's something wrong with you.
People aren't jumping into the water unless a site is in danger or stands to advance research.
Unless their present importance and limitations be clearly apprehended, their future development cannot be apprehended.
Unless you're a fan of steak tartar, cooking meat before you eat it is a matter of course.
If sleeping, the dogs were allowed to lie-unless they barked up the wrong tree.
There's almost no other way, unless you own a helicopter.
Imagine all sorts of meats and vegetables sewn into a pig's stomach and boiled-unless you'd rather not.
Unless, of course, a time loop exists inside our light cylinder.
There may have been even more, but unless a more complete inventory is found, it is impossible to know.
Laws were compiled into official tomes, contracts were written down and nothing was valid unless put into words.
Yeah, you're right-that's probably not a good idea unless you want your house egged.
And unless they pay attention to the fine print, they may not even know they're doing good.
In theory, unless either nation could decisively show that it had settled the region, the treaty would be renewed.
So unless you're a vegan, any one who talks about the suffering, you're quite the hypocrite.
Remove the earbuds, unless you are alone with slow, peaceful music.
Unless, of course, you're breathing in their buttery aroma.
Unless you're part of the first wave, your dining companions will already be eating.
Your article has no point unless your goal was to come across as whiny and ignorant.
Wild animals have even less unless endangered, and even then the protections are often ineffective.
Unless you have pretty fancy equipment you'll only see it as a bright dot of light, but that's still pretty cool, and worth a try.
Unless the camera is powerful enough to catch the stars through the clouds, but it doesn't explain the rectangle around the moon.
No one may ever know unless social psychologists shake off their fascination with jerks.
There is no other way a reaction could extend into space unless the source of power was coming from there.
Well, unless dumbing down your family line is your aim.
She'd read that ovarian cancer is rarely cured unless caught early.
She would be a fool to pay odds to someone though, unless she had evidence of unfairness.
Unless a safer method is found, the technique can't be used to make treatments.
Unless, that is, they leave behind some tell-tale sign of their rapid movement.
Unless it's life-threatening, an emergency rarely lifts human beings above themselves.
Unless consumers spend more readily in the second half of the year, there is no prospect of an economic rebound.
Unless you're putting money on it, nothing is at stake except your reputation for wisdom in matters of the heart.
Ordinarily, typhoid carriers are not isolated, being harmless to public health unless they handle food.
Ideas are wonderful things, but unless they're couched in a good story they can do nothing.
None of the department's standards, in fact, will be meaningful unless sufficient mechanisms exist to enforce them.
Unless policies and practices change soon, the damage will be impossible to remedy.
Unless the system is reorganized, these problems will become overwhelming.
But unless they understand manufacturing, companies will likely not be able to fully exploit the new opportunities.
Unless you can guarantee deterministic timing, all those fanciful math equations aren't worth the ink they're written with.
Cloud computing will not come of age until and unless everything is standardized at the fundamental level.
We never go anywhere unless we're invited--that translates to having a strong partner within that community.
Stay out of other people's troubles unless help is specifically requested.
We don't give bees much thought unless they're terrorizing us at a picnic, but they're exquisitely complex creatures.
The workers won't have time to get out of the way unless you flip a switch to change the car to another track.
It is considered bad form to blame people for a catastrophe after it happens, unless someone involved has committed a felony.
Still, there are some dates you have to know, unless you want people to think you're a bit of a moron.
Burry now had more than a billion-dollar bet on the table and couldn't grow it much more unless he attracted a lot more money.
But you weren't allowed-unless you thought he was cute, maybe you'd make some other arrangements.
Never drink before breakfast unless the day of the week has a u in it.
He had to work on his speech, and people say it is still difficult to understand him unless you know him.
But unless he magically wins his appeal-or dies-he is going to see the inside of a prison hospital or cell.
So it's crucial that the actor rebrand himself while the iron is hot unless he wants to don a swastika in every role.
Indeed, they have demanded them, warning that unless they get what they want the whole system may crash.
Political progress cannot take place unless you have the fundamental elements of a security situation.

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