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After decades of effort, some scientists are beginning to despair of explaining the universe.
His suggestion that our universe may be a simulation run on the computer of an alien civilization is also old hat.
The jury is still out on whether current theories really are enough to explain the origins of the universe.
The universe is four-dimensional-three for space, one for time.
Along the way, you'll encounter the intricacies of plant design, and how it all relates to everything else in the universe.
But for us faculty members, our blindness to the significance of big-time sports amounts to operating in a parallel universe.
Since supposedly the universe is expanding its entirely possible.
Measurements taken from a dying star are offering scientists new clues to the precise age of the universe.
According to the big bang theory, all the matter in the universe erupted from a singularity.
Beyond them a small universe of edibles and ornamentals awaits you.
The universe appears to be clumpier than astronomers expected, according to the largest galaxy survey to date.
Dark energy does more than hurry along the expansion of the universe.
We will find evidence of life elsewhere in the universe.
The mystery of why galaxies formed early in the history of the universe give birth to more stars than modern ones has been solved.
The universe is racing toward something beyond it, a new study suggests.
To make a call on the existence of a parallel universe requires scientific evidence and a peer review of that evidence.
But that was only one tiny part of the robot universe.
Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever found in the universe.
Two teams of cosmologists have released new findings about the nature of the universe in its infancy.
Dark energy is pushing the universe apart at an ever faster rate.
There's something surreal about seeing flat gray parking spaces transformed into a tiny universe.
Similarly, astronomers devote much attention to the apparent fact that the universe is expanding.
Using its data, researchers have made giant leaps in unraveling mysteries of the universe.
Ninety-five percent of the universe has gone missing.
It has attempted to reflect on our home planet, the prehistoric world and the farthest reaches of the universe.
One of the largest known stars in the universe is shrinking rapidly, and astronomers don't know why.
Ten years ago two teams discovered that the universe will expand forever at an ever faster rate, thanks to an unseen energy.
Quantum theory describes the microscopic randomness that fills the universe.
We adjuncts, however, live and work in a parallel universe.
In the beginning the universe was born in an unknown phenomenon currently known as the big bang.
Devote or agnostic are merely terms to describe the individuals approach to rationalizing an the universe.
However, he did say that he did not think evolution as well established a fact as the heliocentric nature of the universe.
Astrobiology is a relatively new science concerned with the frequency and nature of life in the universe.
Not all physicists regard dark matter as an elegant theoretical solution to the mysteries of the universe.
He had never imagined then that he would make the universe by hand.
At the subatomic scale, where the universe is jumpy and discontinuous, physicists don't know how gravity behaves.
Such a discovery broadens the search for life in the universe.
The universe is a complicated place, to put it mildly, and scientists are working harder than ever to explain its mysteries.
Others felt that a universe so elegantly designed as ours plainly must have a designer.
They then get a starting point for this universe with a non-zero volume and a non-infinite energy.
Mysterious, brilliantly glowing blobs of gas in the furthest reaches of the universe have finally been explained by astronomers.
The nature of the universe is the nature of things that are.
The value of the universe contrives to throw itself into every point.
But he seemed alone, absolutely alone in the universe.
It's an easy read for tweens and up and covers a lot of the universe's curiosities on how things work.
The universe is the matter within the cosmos which also existed in one form or another.
She's not the center of anyone's universe except her own.
Wombat's mind formed out of the nothingness of the universe and as such it is his own, uniquely formed taking nothing from no one.
Every once in a while, a book is released that changes one's perspective on the universe.
So they were able to show that the universe does indeed exist when it is not being observed.
They must have formed early in the history of the universe, too.
It also brought an understanding of the vastness of the universe and humanity's insignificant place in it.
We live in a universe that is full of bright objects.
And it tells us if and how the universe should expand.
Some say its glory days are long gone, but the universe has life in it yet.
Our visible universe's reality is not accessible for those seeking to explore it from outside our universe's barriers.
For astronomers who study the large-scale structure of the universe, dwarf galaxies have proven quite vexing.
What this means is frustratingly tricky to pin down, and it gets worse when you talk about the entire universe.
With their work, neutrinos graduated from a theoretical novelty to a practical way to probe the universe.
If so, this would have profound implications for our understanding of life in the universe.
Globular clusters have some of the oldest surviving stars in the universe.
In a universe run on bits, everything is a simulation.
Without it, physicists would have a large gap in their knowledge of the universe, he added.
All you could do, really, was use your abilities to do what you could to make a little part of the universe better.
The universe might be both too large and too small to fully comprehend.
It's not some new unexplained mystery of the universe or the upcoming launch of a space telescope that is unnerving them, though.
The inevitable disappearance of information about any universe that preceded ours.
But, the marriage produced an entire pocket universe all its own where humor trumps tragedy and no one dies.
Maybe for the past six years we've been living in that universe.
Our guests routinely risk their lives, their fortunes, and even their families to expand our understanding of our universe.
It is one of billions of other galaxies in the universe.
Compared with the billions of other stars in the universe, the sun is unremarkable.
We do it for the enormous satisfaction one achieves in learning firsthand something new about our planet and our universe.
S was, after all, my envoy to an alternate universe of abandon.
He said he believes in only one law in the universe: physics.
The cognoscenti of the fashion universe distinguish between fashion and style.
Enhanced e-books are thought to be the next major threshold in the digital book universe.
Supernovae occur all the time throughout the universe, but capturing and observing one is extremely rare.
Our virtue-and our vice-is to speculate about the state of the universe.
Knowledges were always seen as fixed stars, so to speak, each occupying its own position in the universe of knowledge.
You'd think that the universe is benign and human nature is fundamentally wonderful.
In the metaphysics of the fish universe, gluttony is not a sin.
But few people have the will or ability to think the universe through from scratch.
His vision of a new mental universe held together by post-printing technology now looks dated.
As the author discovers firsthand, video games are entering a whole new universe.
Her entrée into the fashion universe was equally smooth.
Now he's going to send it back out into the universe with the video of her singing on it.
Yet the impulse behind this work far predates modern theories of the universe.
The one that counts brought not only light to the universe, it created the seeds of life.
They are trying to understand why the universe is so benevolent, providing conditions that are nearly perfect for human life.
Such a theory might provide us the tools for gaining a clear understanding of the origin of the universe.
Such a universe could not produce galaxies and stars, and it certainly could not support life.
Newton made a universe which lasted for three hundred years.
Time, in this view, is not something that exists apart from the universe.
There's an old joke: if you tell someone the universe is expanding, he'll believe you.
He was confident it could describe the behavior of every object in the universe.
Quirky, funny, and surprising science news from the edge of the known universe.
The leap from our universe to another is theoretically possible, say physicists.
The universe is much bigger than it looks, according to a study of the latest observations.
The universe seems to be asymmetric in a number of strange ways.
In other words, the extra dimensions may offer a shortcut from one part of our universe to another.
Ignorance and myth have given way to an extraordinarily detailed understanding of life, matter and the universe.
Any variations ought to be entirely random since the universe must be the same everywhere.
Life points back to the universe and the universe points back at life.
First there are elements in the universe that a spoonful would weight tons.
While at it put all the scientific publications containing outlandish theories about the universe through this algorithm.
It pleases us to see the good that comes out of such a universe.
Because of him, humanity lost its place at the center of the universe.
The problem is that navigating the universe of financial aid can be confusing.
Say this for the structure of the universe: it does tend to repeat itself.
But the universe is a vast and strange place, where all sorts of seemingly impossible things happen routinely.
What it does do is hold the promise of substantially enriching humanity by providing insight into the mysteries of the universe.
Vice is introduced in the second age and the universe goes downhill thereafter.
The universe has a constant energy since the beginning.

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