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He went all wrong at the start, was generally considered both conceited and arrogant, and universally detested.
The benefits may or may not be taxed, but they are generally universally available.
They universally depict the fundamental desperation lurking in every moment of life in the show ghetto.
With that perspective, it's easy to see the evolution of the universally popular margarita.
The task: to develop an odor so universally repulsive it would be considered unbearable by people from all cultures.
The street, a major tourist destination now, wasn't universally popular.
Though such programs are becoming more common across the country, they are not universally available.
It is almost universally admired as a research, education and media organization.
At the time, the article was not universally welcomed.
Of that vast corpus, few are universally judged to be successful.
Even in such words as father, car and ask the flat a was universally used.
We only point out a principle of human nature, which is universally acknowledged, and which is well known by its effects.
There are others who can be taken by a few poems universally agreed upon.
She need not fear that the masculine mind, almost universally dominant, will fail to take care of its own.
The forms of politeness universally express benevolence in superlative degrees.
Colleges and universities universally employ that formula to determine financial need.
Almost universally, students are nervous about returning.
For two reasons, the atmosphere was universally positive.
The goal of understanding what students are learning seems to be universally accepted.
College tuition is universally free and students also receive a small living stipend while they study.
And, except for a handful of psychopaths, it makes everyone universally more miserable.
It seems to be universally the rule not the exception.
Those who endorse global warming universally seem to see it as a looming disaster for life on the planet.
But it would be too bad if there comes a day when they are universally banned.
As a result, it is almost universally unread by real-world managers.
Though these carry more people and are faster to board, they are not universally loved.
They are universally recognised in the industry as the best in the world.
In terms of psychological profiling, there are some human emotional characteristics that can be viewed as suspicious universally.
Birth certificates and school certificates are not universally available.
The idea is not original, although it is far from universally accepted.
The rub is that they have yet to come up with a universally accepted proposal as to what that more might be.
And in any case, why a new thing in the world catches on with a particular group is almost universally difficult to pin down.
By their lights, they've been vindicated: his performance is almost universally panned within the party.
It is on this point that both scholars and laymen almost universally agree.
No universally accepted standard exists to help answer those questions.
Nobody should have to silently watch someone with this history be converted into some sort of universally beloved literary saint.
We must not be blind to the handicaps that so universally beset them.
It is universally admitted that public libraries must reserve certain books from general circulation.
It is universally regarded as an untimely and tragic event.
And in two hundred years they have not been universally accepted.
Near-universally, critics and awards groups have liked these fine movies.
These traditional holidays were universally observed, but the length of the breaks varied.
It worked-something no fully elaborated, universally applied ideology ever does.
Even his universally praised dialogue turns wooden the moment he attempts to grasp what lies beneath the social surface.
But it is universally conceded that in their hands it never attained to the dignity of a science.
Both portray universally accepted, card-carrying geniuses in moments of offstage intimacy.
It is by no means universally accepted that crime and poverty are caused by a lack of opportunity.
The ordinary soldiers under his command seemed almost universally to adore him.
Philosophers and biologists have asked the question for centuries, noting that humans are universally drawn to music.
People seen as traitors are universally despised and stigmatized.
And scientific fact doesn't have to be universally true in all time or space.
It would seem that evolution is impossible now that the ability to reproduce is essentially universally available.
If there are no universally simultaneous events there can be no instantaneous snapshot between events.
The coming of the gas tractor was the first step in making power farming universally possible.
The solution must also be applicable and used universally around the globe.
There are some other ideas that are not exactly universally agreed on, but look increasingly well supported.
Music is a language full of meaning universally understood.
Of interest, chewing motions universally activated mirror neurons in the subjects.
Conformity and standardization serves a purpose, but it isn't universally applicable, and is context-specific.
But it is not universally adaptive, even within humans.
It will become the universally accepted principle of right governance and the means though which peaceful open contact will occur.
Today, according to these studies, the incidence of tooth decay is universally low regardless of fluoridation.
You'll find as much info denying it exists when the theory of climate change is an almost universally accepted principle.
Universally recognised symbol for toxins and pirates.
Imagine a time when this is universally available to all archaeologists.
Its progression universally produces space and time in its wake.
Statistical inference a long studied, well understood, and universally applied in both applied and theoretical science.
But in fact, the opposite approach is taken, where government action related to the economic is almost universally condemned.
But what to do when all our theories are applicable in our solar system and are based on concepts not universally applicable.
But before the cloud, there was no cheap way to store it and make it universally accessible online.
Video streaming has also changed from a cute idea to a widely-used, universally-expected practice.
Apple isn't a company that adds features which aren't universally supported.
Unfortunately, it almost universally gave players motion sickness, and was removed.
It's the one spiritual symbol that's universally beloved.
The desecration of war dead is universally condemned, but these boys are not the devils.
Almost universally, companies that rent moving trucks equip their larger vehicles with a tow hitch and rent car trailers, also.
The decision has not been universally accepted, however.
Cloning to reproduce a human being is now seen almost universally as too dangerous to consider.
Checking bags, reserving an aisle seat and other services are no longer universally free.
Tobacco-which is known for increasing concentration-used to be chewed almost universally during games.
But it's not true that people are universally nasty online.
Those who would try to tell others how they should live are universally despised.
Not to apply this universally, but more so than now.
The efforts of scientists have been invaluable but they've hardly been universally deep or noble.
Rather than universally promoting the better angels of our nature, oxytocin has broader effects on our behaviour.
The reason is that our cognitive natures are not universally plastic.
Yet you are still saying that everyone should be vaccinated universally.
They're cheap, abundant and not universally exceptionally smart.
However, they have been universally dismissed by scientists as silly campfire talk and redneck foolishness.
For those who need it, three family units are universally accessible.
The card is universally accepted for all fuel products, including alternative fuels.

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