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And the idea of universality from simple principles, that you don't need much to get everything.
As the network spreads, it is fostering both the universality and the individuality of human discourse.
The sun and its planets share the universality of the building blocks of our quantum world: electrons, nucleons and photons.
In computer science lingo, that's called universality.
The other major advantages of behavioral biometrics are their universality.
These sorts of problems have a certain universality to them.
Most posters above mean their personal morality when speaking of its universality.
Thus universality of free-fall, or equivalence, is one of the theoretical underpinnings of relativity.
It is this idea of universality that is the true legacy of the scientific revolution.
The service it provides has a kind of universality and generality not unlike that afforded by electric power.
Our history has not conditioned us to vest any one political doctrine with universality.
There is no more striking general fact about language than its universality.
His investigations among other persons corroborated the universality of this state of affairs.
And his universality makes his poems a treasure-house in which all may find what they want.
Small events, he explains, are significant for their universality.
Article argues that diversity and universality can coexist within the human community.

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