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Its voters were proud of and pleased with the array of choices before them: proud of its diversity, pleased with its unity.
But that style is one with the film's substance-and that unity is the film's main virtue.
But in a room together they turned into meek conformists, valuing unity over truth.
The popularity of the subject was tied to the movements for national unity that dominated the period.
Though his use of color is often strikingly original, it tends to disrupt the unity that he achieved with shading alone.
While the conference lacked some thematic unity, the speakers delivered a range of interesting insights.
So we're left with a unity which is simply monetary.
Such a society could engender studio unity and promote the motion-picture business.
Swords turn to guitars, democracy blooms, and music helps bring a sense of national unity.
The problem is how to integrate the conscious mind with the physical brain-how to reveal a unity beneath this apparent diversity.
In this uncertain environment one crucial instrument of unity and stability was the newly introduced, compulsory education system.
In this way a vigour and unity is given to the study of the forms of organised beings, which before it lacked.
Here is the familiar conflict between politics and morality, between the requirements of unity and democracy.

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