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His work is the masterpiece of its kind, unique and incomparable.
It is well organized and the gardens are unique as well as beautiful.
Astronomers have discovered a unique set of triplets: an asteroid with two moons orbiting it.
The traditional view of proteins is that, right after being synthesized, they must fold into a unique shape to function properly.
Thirty-two subjects were fed a green-colored, lavender-scented strawberry milk-an odd concoction designed to taste unique.
The ability to distinguish between two different languages is not unique to humans.
Perhaps they could also use this to find a target unique to all strains of staph and then engineer a phage to exploit it.
Free-floating messages in the bloodstream could soon provide a unique window into the body.
The ribbon eel has a unique appearance: trumpetlike nostrils and a lower jaw with three tentacles.
Cutting a swath through some breathtaking landscapes, these railways offer a unique window on the world.
Each animal has its own unique coat pattern, and all have big, rounded ears.
But what these unusual creatures lack in looks they make up for with their amazing and unique ecological adaptations.
These unique underground structures form during long-lasting lava flows.
Humans are unique among primates for our near-total bodily hairlessness.
Ask them to describe the unique characteristics of these peoples.
Most began as something else and have evolved into unique lodgings.
The prevalence of this unique type of vehicle has shaped the entire community around them, from street signs to businesses.
These have a unique and happy grace, a sure touch of immortality.
It is his unique distinction that he did not stir up any controversy.
Back of the rear wall of this unique shop a hole has been punched from the hall into the alley and the tenants go that way.
The mystical experience is supposed to be valuable because it is a pleasant state of unique intensity.
Waterfront properties offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience more during their vacation.
Recommenders may be asked to write a dozen or so letters each year, and you need to stand out in their minds as unique.
While no one welcomes these events, they do offer professors unique teaching moments.
But others said that there was no conspiracy to unearth, and that the case represented merely a unique instance of bad judgment.
The leaders are the ones who took chances and developed unique perspectives.
Rather fewer may be aware that the tourists retracing his footsteps threaten to destroy the archipelago's unique ecosystem.
The health care industry differs from transportation, food, or any other industry in a hugely important and unique way.
Incidentally, the show makes great use of the museum's enormous galleries, and unifies the rooms with unique touches.
Actually, this story is sounding less and less unique.
The personality of a computer derives in part from that unique data combined with quirks.
It is unique to the human race: no other species produces elaborate sound for no particular reason.
After all, it was fairly recently that they discovered that the triceratops isn't a unique dinosaur.
Take home a piece of presidential history as a reminder of this unique experience.
The world-renowned exhibits, unique architecture, and picturesque grounds make this a museum for everyone.
We've uncovered a collection of old recipes that are colorful, flavorful and downright unique.
Eventually they become so unique that they're different species altogether.
Each town must build on its unique strengths and its unique markets.
Repressive political cultures and other factors make martyrdom central to the movements there, but they might not be so unique.
Good old-fashioned manual labor, literally, brings a unique richness to storytelling where words alone sometimes fall flat.
Endowed with a unique electorate, things can happen at the local level that aren't possible at the national or even state level.
Good fantasy gives us a unique perspective into the conflicts and trials in our own lives and the lives of those around us.
Take the rest of the bunch in a sweet direction in this lush ice cream, which sings with the herb's unique tart flavor.
At this moment in time, you have a unique opportunity to set the tone for how our nation should feed itself.
Something unique was going on here, and the proof came in the testing.
The unique pattern on the sheets is created when they are dried on bamboo trays.
If done correctly, every risotto will be unique, its own irreproducible concoction.
It would be wrong to call them stock characters-many blaze into the narrative as unique and compelling personalities.
These are the product and proof of our unique genius, and we're reluctant to share our glory with previous civilizations.
Good novelists are unique, which makes them incomparable.
History, science, and art come together to provide a unique perspective on what's going on upstairs.
Considering the collaborations and memories forged during such a unique event, it's clear we're winning.
Instead, he developed his own unique graphic vocabulary.
Not coincidentally, it has unique properties that make it difficult to mimic.
Every image is unique and can be appreciated in all of these ways.
For centuries experts held that every language is unique.
It will take further research to test out what, exactly, causes the brain loss that seems to be unique to humans.
It's an extreme defence that is completely unique in the animal world.
Now he speaks it fluently, and recently he had a unique opportunity to see how our brains adapt to a second language.
Her work includes a unique pairing of engineering and public policy in the field of energy systems research.
Each language is the vehicle for a unique way of thinking, a unique literature, and a unique view of the world.
In humans, there's a constant struggle between group selection and individual selection that is unique.
But new studies suggest it may be a distinct disorder with its own unique signature in the circuitry of the brain.
Another species of bird, the scrub jay, has challenged our supposedly unique gift of foresight.
All the structures sport the intricately carved wooden balconies that make the downtown cityscape so unique.
The story of purple heart homes is extraordinary but not unique.
Simple algorithms allow cells to be identified and counted because each cell type has a unique signature.
But in each species, such a sequence will occur in a unique pattern.
Really interesting stuff, but the article doesn't explain why the process is unique to cellulose conversion.
So these are by no means unique signatures of extraterrestrial mining activity.
The mutation is unique, not found in any of the other human-or animal-genomes sequenced to date.
Their experiment is interesting because it is unique.
Tumor tissue has unique characteristics, including lower oxygen and higher lactic acid concentrations than surrounding tissue.
Those who insisted that language is unique to humans, however, simply raised the bar on what counted as language.
We feel that the major plank in our platform is unique, and that it has important implications for education everywhere.
But they were also of unique importance in the history of architecture and urban design, of city planning and public life.
For the foreseeable future this gives it a unique advantage over every other form of powered transportation.
Whatever it should be called, the literary experience it provides is unique.
The difficulties they faced-rather than a reversal in policy-explain unique aspects of the decision.
And yet, because of that great engine of natural selection-variation-every species is unique and each individual is unique, too.
Secondly, it must say something significant about a reality common to us all, but perceived from a unique perspective.
Some are going for a unique look and feel, perhaps even a statement.
The beauty of a brief affair is its ability to exist as a single, unique memory.
But those who are lucky will take the tradition a bit further and participate in the unique experience of tailgating.
The world is full of awe-inspiring forms of nature that are unique.
It's a unique combination, on the border between fact and fiction.
Not that he was bored by what he was doing, because our sport's unique: it's exciting when you play.

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