unintentionally in a sentence

Example sentences for unintentionally

They then tried to haul it aboard, unintentionally separating the tentacled head from the rubbery tail sheath.
If leaders cannot speak without unintentionally spreading alarm, they should not speak at all.
If they have done so, even if unintentionally, they must pay a price.
The parodies have proliferated precisely because the footage they're based on is already unintentionally ridiculous.
His inversion of long-discredited stereotypes smacks unintentionally of nostalgia for faithful servants.
Not in that order-and, as she winningly relates, unintentionally.
Latrines, though, were merely one of the many delightful places where our ancestors unintentionally sowed some wild seeds.
And, it seems, they unintentionally contributed to the biodiversity of the region.
Perhaps unintentionally, this sentence captures the true problem.
It is amazing what the news gets wrong either unintentionally or to fit the spin of the story.
The destruction seemed to be unintentionally selective.
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