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Example sentences for unintended

If sprinklers are spraying more water on paving or other unintended areas than on lawns, adjust them.
Having scientific colleagues name a new species after you can be an honor or an insult, however unintended.
But watch out-each cartoon is accompanied by three unintended meanings.
And that, too, is an unintended consequence of the medallion system.
There can also be unintended effects, which can be positive but often are negative.
But experts have warned of unintended consequences, such as unpredictable reactions in the ecosystem.
These detail any problems, such as unintended catch of non-target species in the region or damage to sea floor habitats.
Jake is an everyday guy and this shows how easily anyone could get into a horrible unintended situation.
There's kind of an unintended race underway in the search for life beyond our world.
Each interactive features a typical suburban house and demonstrates how unexpected actions and items can cause unintended effects.
There are always unintended consequences of one health intervention leading to something else.
While the blackouts are cutting emissions from power plants, they're having unintended consequences.
Cars are becoming more computerized, an evolution that could have an unintended side effect: vulnerability to attacks.
The study could also shed light on how to develop drugs against the diseases of aging without introducing unintended side effects.
Any change can have unintended effects on other parts of the software, requiring programmers to essentially rewrite the program.
The quotation marks are there because the law of unintended consequences will make itself felt with any new technology.
Pike points out another possible unintended consequence that high-resolution satellite imagery could catalyze.
But that division has now faded as an unintended side effect of information technology.
Campus surveillance has resulted in some unintended consequences.
Maybe they will have unintended negative consequences.
Multi-year contracts would have the unintended consequences of financially driven ageism and an avalanche of litigation.
The pill solved the problem of unwanted pregnancy, but as usual, the law of unintended consequences prevailed.
There are lots of unintended consequences of the student-as-consumer model that dominates higher education.
But note the extension of policing to unintended consequences of earlier policing.
It is illegal to harm noncombatants, unless as the unintended consequence of fights between combatants.
In reality, however, the sanctions had serious unintended consequences.
Every exposition of what actually happened on the plantation carries implications, frequently unintended, that echo the myths.
There have been many unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of the rapid proliferation of powerful chess software.
Regulations may have unintended adverse consequences.
The fruits of this unintended surge of fame are evidenced in various ways by the current harvest of books about him.
But combining dna this way causes unintended protein expressions.
Then there are the so-called unintended consequences.
But these approaches can backfire by changing people's stories in unintended ways.
Covering cells in washable plastic covers could also cut down on unintended transmission.
The search for knowledge may take researchers along unintended paths to unintended discoveries.
The unintended impacts of higher sulphur in the atmosphere mean more incidences of acid rain and further ecosystem damage.
Transplantation should be done, she says, even if it risks engendering new diseases and pests or other unintended consequences.
Researchers have noted in the past that conservation measures for certain species can have unintended effects on others.
Living in a global economy connects people and places in profound, complicated, and sometimes unintended ways.
So typical of the dangers of unintended consequences.
However, reliance on groundwater has had some unintended consequences.
It strikes me that there are unintended consequences to truly giving a machine self-awareness.
So the problem of unintended repeated postings will disappear.
Legislation this sweeping will have unintended consequences.
As is often the case with such great social causes, your article fails to look at the unintended consequences.
Please pardon my previous unintended mention of anti-molecules, which have never been detected.
Another example of the law of unintended consequences, but this time it seems to be a positive consequence.
But legislation to protect consumers from rapacious bankers has had unintended consequences, too.
But there were also, as usual, unintended consequences.
It might, they speculate, happen as an unintended consequence of the government's push to expand higher education.
Confused, because its financial engineering is too clever by half and vulnerable to unintended consequences.
As an unintended consequence, that means there is little incentive to leave the informal economy.
But perhaps the clearest lesson of his life was that of unintended consequences.
The law of unintended consequences argues against doing any such thing, of course.
Every designer should carefully consider the unintended consequences of each piece of a campaign, from websites to live events.
The annals of marketing and design are filled with tales of products that gained widespread popularity for unintended uses.
Examining diseases, politics, cultures and other unintended consequences.
The bright ethical guidelines had unintended consequences, however.
But until now, few groups have considered how neural devices might be hijacked to perform unintended actions.
Spreading the word could also have unintended consequences.
The unintended consequences of genetic screening for disease.
It is also now clearer that reported cases of unintended acceleration are exceedingly rare events.
It is a disaster, another huge bureaucracy that will have unintended consequences.
Alas, transparency had an unintended consequence: it made vote-buying easy.
As if that weren't bad enough, there are many other unintended consequences too.
Of course, it might do nothing, or have any number of unintended consequences.
The ironies of unintended consequences are rarely so dramatic.
For many, such irruptions of unintended imagery aren't nuisances, but objects for a kind of esoteric contemplation.
Irony usually partakes of some element of the unintended consequence.
Once again it appears that sometimes, trying to suppress large forest fires might be creating unintended negative consequences.
Unfortunately, they're also effective on an unintended target-fish.
The results of this unintended natural experiment turn out to be surprising, even to scientists.
Enhancement will have a lot of unintended consequences, one of which may be the loss of humanity itself.
All that may be the unintended result when antibiotics are used to cure disease.
Despite unintended snow, the effort is a raging success.
Your study and the possibility of unintended bias concerns me greatly.
So it's important to acknowledge that there are often unintended consequences down the line for those unknowingly involved.
The best part is there will be no unintended consequences.
There's another problem with these kinds of measures: unintended consequences.
Amid the politics of contraception, fewer unintended pregnancies.
As always, federal decisions have lots of unintended consequences, and many of them are good.
But the legislation's emphasis on accountability and standardized testing has had some unintended results.
It's a legal stunt, but as a way of calling attention to double standards and unintended consequences, the campaign makes sense.

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