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Example sentences for unintelligent

But, at the same time, that does not mean that vocational careers are for the unintelligent.
Mothers and fathers loved their ugly or unintelligent kids because they were unaware that their kids were ugly and unintelligent.
Or, a guy has potentially had his reputation ruined for the crime of using the same username as an unintelligent cheat.
It has always been the tired, unintelligent, and enervated periods that have played with the dream of perpetual peace.
By any conventional academic measure, these laborers were thoroughly unintelligent.
So even if the life is created in lab, it may be useless and unintelligent.
The whole thing strikes me as more distasteful than funny because the jokes are lame, unintelligent, and lacking irony.
Letting your body dive into a state of dependency- unintelligent.
Counsel's faulty advice can render the defendant's guilty plea involuntary or unintelligent.
Neither does it tarry long in the hands of those too slothful, too dishonest, or too unintelligent to exercise it.
Patients are not unintelligent, and recognize this disparity at once.
As a result, he contends his guilty plea should be rendered involuntary, unknowing and unintelligent.

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