unimpaired in a sentence

Example sentences for unimpaired

The headwaters are unimpaired, with the exception of a number of reservoirs.
Complaints may be few, and physical health may remain unimpaired, though emotional health is far harder to gauge.
He is physically unimpaired afterward, as coy and debonair as ever, but his mind has begun playing tricks.
The cognitive ability of the rats was unimpaired in other respects.
He was sending text messages at the same time, so his coordination seems unimpaired.
Soldiers are surviving some brain injuries with only their brain stems unimpaired.

Famous quotes containing the word unimpaired

The ambition which leads me on is an anxious desire and a fixed determination to return to the people unimpairedmore
This American government,—what is it but a tradition, though a recent one, endeavoring to transmit itself unimpa... more
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