unilateral in a sentence

Example sentences for unilateral

In other words, overall, the science hasn't supported any claims of unilateral nutritional benefits.
If you accept that's the case, you end up with a large brain, with unilateral development going on in the left hemisphere.
That's where your unilateral rejection of them breaks down.
In a complicated, inter-connected global economy, the president has almost no unilateral authority to fix things.
If forced to choose between tough inspections and unilateral war, it now looks as though they will choose inspections.
The procedure is called a unilateral radical orchiectomy, and it's as ugly as it sounds.
We don't have to accept unilateral divorce as a fixed feature of the universe.
If chronic unilateral obstruction is not relieved promptly, there could be permanent damage to the kidney.
More precisely, it will be unilateral insofar as it can.
There are better ways-less abrasive, less arrogant, less unilateral-to reach the administration's foreign-policy goals.
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