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Accessories in the same vibrant color family help unify the elements.
In the open floor plan, the consistent palette helps unify each space.
Look for designs that have a wooden frame and an upholstered seat and unify them with the same color and fabric.
We wanted to place the tables side by side and visually unify them as one piece.
They needed to unify the space somehow, but that wasn't their only challenge.
Not even a dogeared page to unify the mind and the hand.
The system helps unify networks of computers so programs can be split up and run on different machines.
High export revenues will make it easier to unify the exchange rate.
But stress has done more than articulate or unify sequences that in their own right imply a syntactic relation.
Each industry sector has specialized talent, but the conglomerates lack a common language or vision to unify them.
His grand goal was to unify the field, to demonstrate how many of the seemingly unrelated byways of mathematics were related.
These policies did unify the country politically but were not overwhelmingly successful economically.
He won, after his opponents could not unify around a candidate and split the vote.
The e-mail program can't unify your e-mail accounts into a single in-box.
Some homeland security initiatives to unify efforts are in place or under development.

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