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In some of these quilts, patterns of similar color combinations are uniformly repeated.
Ultimately, everything in the universe will drift farther and farther apart until the universe is uniformly cold and desolate.
The decline is universal, seen fairly uniformly in different disciplines.
My experience has been uniformly positive, to the extent that such a position can be while the stock market tanks.
By the end of the semester, they are uniformly glad they were thrown in the deep end and allowed to struggle.
These students have been, in my experience, uniformly a nightmare.
My undergraduate students aren't uniformly well prepared for bachelor's studies, but by and large they are motivated.
Even more telling, they uniformly oppose disclosure of their financial relationships.
Adolescence is certainly far from a uniformly pleasant period.
With the yeast water, the pairs of minute granules are distributed throughout the liquid, which is uniformly clouded.
But in many places the money price of labour remains uniformly the same sometimes for half a century together.
From her behavior alone, uniformly doting, you couldn't know which was which.
Heat the water to melt the beeswax, stirring until it's uniformly melted and smooth.
Wings coverts, primaries, and secondaries are uniformly brownish gray without edging visible in adults.
It's a misconception that fires sweep over an area uniformly, burning everything to the ground.
The younger ones-say, those under fifty-uniformly subscribe to the reformist version.
Small, uniformly spaced windows lined all four floors.
We drizzle uniformly cut boiled potatoes and local mushrooms with chili oil.
Sometimes it also implies that all farmers have uniformly benefited by the breakthrough in production.
But its atrocities uniformly have the character of desperate ploys.
The four guys up on the dais looked uniformly stumped.
While there are several free antivirus systems out there, my experience with the free ones has been uniformly bad.
The fiber keeps the polymer particles evenly spaced so that they can soak up the blood quickly while expanding uniformly.
Align them parallel and overlapping, then uniformly squeeze them together.
The console versions have been uniformly excellent, so we've got high hopes for this one.
Yet experts have lately come to understand that the prognosis for patients with schizophrenia is not uniformly dire.
The vast majority of the glaciers studied were indeed retreating, but not uniformly.
The effects, if there are any, will not be uniformly bad.
There is always a way for them to uniformly lie and do better.
It produces a model with errors distributing uniformly among the data.
Going even farther, you will see the clouds merging, and the whole universe fill uniformly with gas.
In the public condition, the allocations were made uniformly.
Nothing applies to everyone uniformly, except the mind set of people with an agenda to push.
There were only particles of matter and antimatter and light, uniformly filling all space.
The stewardesses in navy-blue suits and white blouses and gloves were in their early twenties and uniformly pleasant-looking.
Yet as hermetic and various as life here was in those days, it was by no means uniformly so.
It is usually sold in one-pound bunches by size so they cook uniformly.
Modern ice management provides a uniformly smooth surface that is less likely to cause slips and falls.
We could synchronize our watches anywhere in the universe because time beats uniformly.
The astronomers expected to find the gas spread uniformly.
To be sure, not all ecologists agree that tamarisks are uniformly bad.
Swing a weight from your knees to eye level, and you'll notice that your muscles don't work uniformly throughout the maneuver.
But the effect of selection isn't uniformly negative, the purification of bad gene copies from the population.
Setting a high goal for a task that will uniformly reward increased time spent makes the effect of motivation much simpler.
Reflected starlight off a planet should be almost uniformly visible.
On the contrary, gravity supports a nearly steady state set up due to the fact that matter near us isn't distributed uniformly.
Glaciers are in general our major store of fresh water and are uniformly in rapid retreat.
Improve conditions uniformly and the problems will be lifted.
In fact, say the authors, trade barriers were not imposed uniformly.
Although they vary in size, they are uniformly located close to existing urban centers, perhaps hoping to benefit from overflow.
The results of the experiments where scholastic performance was rewarded were uniformly disappointing.
Nor is the picture uniformly dire across the economy.
The reaction is uniformly the same with little diversity of opinion.
Labour's record is not uniformly grim, nor are all its initiatives misconceived.
The general public tends to see them as uniformly altruistic, idealistic and independent.
No census counts everyone, and the uncounted are not drawn uniformly from all walks of life.
But, it has been uniformly the response and for quite some years.
The point is public expenditures are not ever going to benefit everyone uniformly.
Today's financial world uniformly embraces financial derivatives as the primary tool in the management of risk.
Their service departments have almost uniformly well-trained people.
In the rest of the world, that's no debate: inadequate and inconsistent financial regulation is uniformly blamed.
He began to offer farmers multiyear contracts at guaranteed prices, provided they could produce a uniformly high-quality fiber.
Despite the treats and beeps, the response to the strikers isn't uniformly positive.
No one is arguing that people will react uniformly to a change in tax policy or that economics drives all decisions.
Up to this point in your argument, you have uniformly dismissed the social and natural sciences as irrelevant, or even dangerous.
Headway's spinners rotate a sample, to uniformly spread a liquid across the surface.
Large envelopes that are rigid, nonrectangular, or not uniformly thick pay package prices.
Water shall be uniformly applied with an approved sprinkling device.
Compaction shall be uniformly attained by approved rollers or compactors.

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