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But his exact regularity and uniformity of life, with a continued practice of interior self-denials, was the best mortification.
It turns out there is remarkable uniformity in the structure of rejection letters across the university system.
Under communism, the state attempted to homogenize the musical heritage of the satellite nations into manageable uniformity.
Their installation raises issues of the place of both uniformity and history on our streets.
To expect uniformity in this is perhaps asking too much.
The uniformity of supermarket flowers is pretty dispiriting.
What makes the study so compelling is its uniformity.
Edge-lit displays have problems with uniformity of brightness as well as a limited viewing angle.
As the brew approaches room temperature, sweetness and uniformity are evaluated.
The uniformity of the modern industrial beer is dire.
The environment was patchy, with a watering hole here and an antelope herd there, but no uniformity or predictability.
Inequality and corruption will replace fairness and uniformity.
The best group of people are the ones with differences, not uniformity.
Readers expect and enjoy uniformity as a mark of quality.
The military sought to replace diversity with uniformity.
The elegance consists more than ever in the uniformity of toilettes.
Not only should speed limits be raised, but their current uniformity ought to be rethought.
Throughout history, leaders of science tended to hunt for uniformity in nature and to abhor chance events.
If uniformity is all he cares about, it makes perfect sense.
To test for quality and uniformity, they ate regular items and offered suggestions for new ones.
The idea is that the geometry and uniformity of the cosmos were established during an intense early growth spurt.
With appropriate environmental conditions all observable matter can exist anywhere because of this uniformity.
But once you're past the duty-free shop, you see little uniformity in the use of communications technologies.
We turn up our noses at their soulless uniformity and dreary aesthetics.
With an appalling uniformity, it is polygamists who rise to ecclesiastical eminence.
As a result there may be little, if any, gain in uniformity.
But uniformity of linguistic values is neither necessary nor desirable.
Edge-lit displays have problems with uniformity of brightness, as well as a limited viewing angle.
In the absence of ideological uniformity, these protesters have no political power.
As to the nature of it there appears to be no uniformity.
Probably because if you started talking about specifics, any semblance of uniformity would collapse.
Inflation simply blew them up, preserving the overall uniformity that astronomers still see.
Once such a calculation was performed, there emerged a much higher level of uniformity than previously expected.
The fusion creates the non-uniformity of temperatures because it's exothermic.
The screen can handle bright rooms well and exhibits the nearly perfect screen uniformity of plasma.
There was a stark uniformity to the clothing, both cohesively and militaristically.
The uniformity of the books, their rapid supply, and their unusual cheapness excited astonishment.
Uniformity is the parent of despotism the world over, not only in politics, but in religion.
The uniformity of subject, and the mainly literary character of the treatment required, obviously weighed on him.
At distances less than this it seems likely that the stars are distributed through space with some approach to uniformity.
The work, done by many hands, preserves a uniformity of character.
The uniformity of designation and the emphasis upon color clearly imply pejorative discrimination.
It is important to be aware of the dangers presented by rhetoric encouraging cultural uniformity.
Clearly, one metro form of law enforcement would be a savings and provide some uniformity of law enforcement.
With all the different fonts and whatnot, there isn't the uniformity there once was.
It is another thing to use the sacraments of the church to enforce political uniformity on the matter.
The potential for such a lack of uniformity across the country has only recently become apparent.
To try to ensure uniformity of judging, the couple developed a coding system.

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