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White napkins and uniformed waiters don't mean high prices here.
They could not enlist, but they conceived the idea of sending their first company to the field uniformed.
The single-minded, uniformed secular mindset is equally as ignorant and unrealistic.
The piece was a hatchet job, designed to inspire the uniformed.
The presence of university counsel and uniformed campus police at the party might be helpful.
So instead of treating these people with respect and simply as uniformed, you judge them.
Find one of the many uniformed staff persons and ask for suggestions of things to do and places to go.
Much to my surprise, a uniformed marine at my table was missing part of an arm and both legs.
The uniformed driver jumps out and scampers to open the back door before his occupant can reach for the handle.
In the stereotypical police state, the leaders are from a uniformed military background.
It's one of several efforts efforts designed to free up uniformed troops for combat and counterinsurgency work.
Now, he says he was questioned at the corner by the uniformed police.
The practical lesson was to not point a camera toward uniformed groups of soldiers or police.
Eight uniformed policemen, four detectives, and a captain were on duty around the building.
Since the municipal election he has deployed gangs of uniformed thugs to break up opposition protests.
But on the streets outside the governor's building, uniformed police venture out only under an army escort.
But the idea of seizing a piece of standard airline cutlery from a uniformed pilot is lunacy.
Ministers, senior civil servants, imams and notables in embroidered robes rubbed elbows with uniformed military officers.
All over the city uniformed police now tote semi-automatic rifles.
No idea, she says, distracted by a uniformed policeman who wants to buy a mosquito net.
After all, it's not unheard of for uniformed cops to mistakenly shoot undercover or off-duty officers.
On this occasion no uniformed police even made an appearance.
There is a lot of bank-bashing and uniformed comments in this thread.
Of course, on the flip side, a single uniformed officer probably is sufficient.
It also suggests the contempt the country's uniformed leaders display towards their civilian counterparts.
Last week, a couple of uniformed police officers came to the office and asked to be let into one of our residents' apartments.

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