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Informed the societies that he did not want them to come to the church in uniform.
People's perception of places and regions is not uniform.
They were left with a faint, nearly uniform glow that exceeded the inherent instrumental error.
Thankfully he is provided with an extra uniform soon afterwards.
Be aware that only cutting-grown stock is truly uniform.
Most importantly though, that reliable fit means uniform sound.
The former employee was contacted and the uniform shirt was confiscated and turned over to building services.
Then it turned, and the soupy detritus was sucked out to the sea-leaving only a uniform residue of crushed pieces.
The so-called expansion is not uniform in all directions for all observers.
Kosher salt works, too, but the breadsticks will be drier and more uniform in flavor.
First, the goal is still uniform national standards.
Band limits imposed by uniform sampling thus go away.
They are cleaner and more uniform than wild mussels.
Two generations ago a standard uniform identified engineers: white shirt, narrow tie, pocket protector and slide rule.
These varieties are more predictable and uniform in growth and fruit quality.
Professors are both blessed and cursed with the lack of a standard uniform.
These effects will vary by region, experts add, since not all animal species are reacting to warmer temperatures in uniform ways.
In a conventional superconductor, in contrast, the cloud of conducting electrons is remarkably uniform.
Clings tightly, grows fast to make a dense, uniform wall cover.
Yet the east is not a uniform block of unrelieved gloom.
The proposed uniform federal legislation could end that problem, he added.
The sticking point is that scientists have no uniform way of handling incidental findings.
Researchers claim the lighting system maximizes light distribution and provides more uniform illumination.
The cosmic microwave background, as it is known, reveals the early universe to have been a remarkably uniform fireball.
They chose a uniform curriculum for reading, writing and maths.
But it does suggest that the effects will be far from uniform.
Whether it works may depend on how uniform anti-smoking legislation is.
Reducing the heavy presence of non-Kashmiris in uniform would ease tensions too.
And they're as raw and brutally honest as anything written by a blogger in uniform.
If a population is homogeneous, then it can only present a single uniform defense against this stress.
The new, second-growth trees all grew in at the same time, as uniform as a platoon of robots.
Salaries in the public universities are strictly controlled and are uniform.
When asked to review the same footage after the uniform colors were digitally switched, they again ruled in favor of red.
The are a uniform size and therefore will stack easily.
The law also mandates uniform anti-counterfeiting standards for state driver's licenses.
External tests treat students as uniform raw material coming in, and expect us to produce uniform products going out.
But first, the boys in uniform have to get over their traditional reluctance to cooperate with civilians.
Some people prefer a uniform price so that they don't have to negotiate.
There is an unwritten uniform in this country-dark pants, crisp white shirts.
We would advise you to avoid the red uniform for obvious safety reasons.
The territory their map reveals is far from uniform.
When an animal is all one color, it will create a uniform shadow that makes the animal's shape easier to see.
The uniform theme throughout these stories is the fact that someone has died.
Automatic syncing keeps all your notes tidy and uniform.
Burnham carried the day with a recommendation favoring a uniform style.
Dark matter distribution isn't uniform across galaxies.
There has been little external accounting of where revenues are spent, nothing uniform.
Clothing styles have also become more uniform as a result of globalization.
Among other accomplishments, the emperor standardized weights and measures and introduced a uniform writing script.
They are perfectly uniform in size, shape and shade of yellow.
The test is uniform, ie the same everywhere in a given period.
The local population is demographically uniform: all white.
Resulting downstream flows will become much more uniform, making flood-retreat agriculture impossible.
The rods are cylindrical, of nearly uniform thickness, and are arranged perpendicularly to the surface.
The circular fibers form a thick, uniform layer, and are composed of plain muscle cells of considerable length.
So it is with the plants and insects on small and uniform islets: also in small ponds of fresh water.
Fruit and vegetables should be fresh, free from decay, and as nearly uniform in shape and state of ripeness as is possible.
But the common speech is everywhere the same, and its uniform vagaries take the place of the dialectic variations of other lands.
Of course there are many other even less uniform shapes the universe could have, with or without an identifiable centre.
Light matures by shifting towards lower frequency and also perhaps by slowing everywhere at a uniform rate.
She wore her uniform at work and her jeans everywhere else.
The receding walls and the darkened windows, as uniform as prison windows, eat up the viewer.
But the uniform commands nearly automatic and universal reverence.
There's no sedimentary material that is uniform throughout the region, that has any coherence.
As evidenced by his soaked uniform, they were the guys the senior linebacker had sweated with the past three hours.
They have given him this uniform, which is frayed at the cuffs from constant use.
They chatted about a new uniform design as waiters served food.
And then a lady stepped forward, a stranger, dressed not in uniform but in a simple dark suit.
He was unarmed, at her insistence, although dressed in his uniform.
In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot.
Smalls dressed in the captain's uniform and had a straw hat similar to that of the white captain.
When his researchers are looking for him, they can often find him outside the building, having a smoke with someone in uniform.
In future, that skin will be clothed in a uniform made up of three layers.
He was in his colonel's uniform and beret, with white gloves that made his hands seem enormous beside his emaciated body.
However, the increased use of debt across the corporate sector has not been uniform.
Cashmere, fur, high heels and hairspray was the uniform of the day.
There is a strict uniform code, and pupils must remove hooded tops and caps as they arrive.
But the new regime is tougher as well as being uniform.
He provided his new empire with a uniform script, currency, a measuring system and a bureaucracy.
However, employing boundary-layer ingestion means the airflow into the engine is not uniform.
Nationalists wave flags, serve in uniform, and pay their taxes.
Their political opposition to a uniform national welfare standard can be depended upon.
But at the sites they visited, they found that the digging was far from uniform.
Levin developed an algorithm that can remove this uniform blur to yield a clear image.
The face is then rotated so that the eyes are level and scaled to a uniform size.
It does not work against the sky, a uniform background, or a moving background.
Outwardly these species vary wildly, but at the molecular level they are staggeringly uniform.
Pick a smooth stone that fits in your palm, has a uniform thickness, and is neither too heavy nor too light.
The distant universe might be uniform, or it might be full of different universes scattered throughout space.
As a true organism, a clone is made up of genetically uniform parts.
It's natural to think of space as a continuous and uniform medium.
The pressure of expanding hydrogen in the cloud slows the gravitational collapse, making it smooth and uniform.
In other words, they think that randomness looks a lot more uniform and structureless than it really does.
Real civility has to have uniform application as a goal, though that's dependent on cooperation among different parties.
And the public doesn't exactly seem to be clamoring for better uniform education standards.
And what is concluded on the basis of individuals experience, even well within science, is not uniform and unanimous.
No trend of glaciers remains uniform for several centuries.
The plans involve such ideas as uniform claim forms and increased use of electronic filing.
Some say bedside tables should be different and not look uniform.
They were judged not only on taste and presentation, but on cleanliness of uniform and organization of table.
But a change in dress, particularly to a uniform, can have numerous positive effects.
He had a big smile on his face, the medal hanging from the pocket flap of his uniform and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
When one militiaman was spotted, the frenzied crowd tore off his uniform.
Those results, however, were not uniform across the entire group.
All this despite the fact that no uniform criteria exist for even identifying a subluxation, let alone what it causes.
Realizing or being told that he or she is out of uniform is not a pleasant experience for those serving in the military.

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