unidentified in a sentence

Example sentences for unidentified

The air around me was filled with mostly unidentified flying objects.
And yes, as far as our unidentified object is concerned, time stops.
There is an unidentified creature below this one, within the same type of circle, but it has a ridge pattern on its back.
McNamara, worried that some unidentified pathogen was threatening the zoo's animals, performed her own autopsies.
Some hunters take dangerous shots at unidentified flashes of movement, occasionally resulting in tragedy.
They tell of two night incidents when rifle shots were fired at the picketers by unidentified persons.
These two sources of foreign exchange must, then, have been offset by an unidentified drain.
Fire-presumably set by still unidentified attackers-had ravaged almost every building.
Captured by the photographer's flash, an unidentified fish takes center stage with a backdrop of a red vase sponge.
Researchers snorkeling among coral reefs discovered and gently dug up this unidentified sea pen for later study.
He shoots footage of monitor lizards and big unidentified spiders.
They found three previously unidentified candidates that were highly expressed in the joints of the affected twin.
Drug craving is thought to be created by as-yet-unidentified changes in the function and perhaps even the structure of the brain.
Uncertainty may have merely been a proxy for material energy's unidentified state determination processes.
Regardless, as long as this is an unidentified animal it is newsworthy and deserving of further investigation.
On orders of authorities, many unidentified bodies were secretly buried or burned.
And so this mini-band of brothers-unsmiling, unidentified, but all too recognizable-continues to grow.
Later his body was found in the morgue, where it had lain unidentified and unclaimed for days.
The wide array of often-unidentified materials, sizes and colors is a major obstacle to garden-plastic recycling.
Ravaged by an unidentified infection, she is currently in a medically induced coma.
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