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My daily-driver unicorn is easily spooked by sneaky hybrids.
For centuries narwhal tusks were linked to the legend of the unicorn and believed to have medicinal, even magical, powers.
The resemblance between narwhal tusks and the unicorn horns seen in paintings is remarkable.
Today, self-described cryptozoologists range from amateur unicorn hunters to distinguished scientists.
Let's talk about the hummingbird, which a lot of people think is kind of a unicorn on wings, all sweetness and light.
If so, you're a unicorn who dances between the rain drops.
Once on the second planet they find fantastic life forms, including a verbose unicorn.
You're pretty much equating searching for life on other worlds than our own to searching for the invisible pink unicorn.
No one is claiming to have discovered the latter mythical unicorn.
Theology is about as valid as field of study as unicorn-ology or invisible pink dragon-ology.
Also included are a large unicorn pillow and small flat unicorn.
The unicorn attachments are not included in the recall.

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The zipless fuck is absolutely pure. It is free of ulterior motives. There is no power game. The man is not "taking" and... more
If I can keep against all argument Such image of a snow-white unicorn, Then as I pray it may for sanctuary ... more
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