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It came from teaching students who, in the course of working through a particular project, were unhappy with how it was evolving.
Their eyes do not meet, and their stiff bodies maintain an unhappy distance.
Nearly everyone's unhappy with the delta as it is today.
It used to happen when he got excited or was unhappy.
The humours of the shop and the pilgrimage are almost, if not quite, independent of the unhappy ending.
His repeated perfidies to the princes of the empire and others rendered him odious and despicable, and his reign unhappy.
In the dead unhappy night, and when the rain is on the roof.
If you rabidly focus on work, in the long run, you'll be unhappy.
And clones might be treated as inferiors, rendering them unhappy.
But they are so unhappy with the work that they refuse to pay for it.
She quotes a study of people in unhappy marriages which followed up the couples five years later.
Many delegates are unhappy about these backroom dealings.
Confusingly, some of these happy and unhappy voters are the same people.
It is possible that this third great shaking of the ethical landscape will trigger an enduring, unhappy transformation.
Years of barely rising incomes and huge tax burdens have made them an unhappy lot.
Neurotic people-those who are prone to guilt, anger and anxiety-tend to be unhappy.
For those who see themselves as pioneers in these new markets, there is an unhappy precedent.
The tempo operators are naturally unhappy with the decision.
He has invited journalists who are unhappy to start their own papers.
Current military officers have remained tight-lipped, but they are presumably unhappy.
But their relationship, though it now shows signs of improvement, has long been unhappy.
Even so, the city's chamber of commerce and the oil industry are unhappy.
In one poll last month, two-thirds of respondents were unhappy with his government.
One faculty member called me to relay the unhappy news.
Her board chairman had informed her that some key administrators, unhappy with her leadership, were on the verge of resigning.
Others have received phone calls and other blatant threats, typically from a student unhappy about a grade.
The few students interested in applied sociology were unhappy in the program.
Unrestricted giving sure is a big win for development officers, but donors often come out unhappy.
If your project is controversial, expect your audiences to include unhappy people.
The arrival of this global market, however, has some unhappy consequences.
These are professors who regularly say things that make administrators and other faculty members unhappy.
For every unhappy for-profit student, there are many satisfied ones.
Knudsen said she was told there were limits and consequences to free speech, and that someone as unhappy as she was ought to quit.
Besides, there are a lot of really really unhappy lawyers out there.
And that new hire will be unhappy the following year, should a new faculty member come in with an even higher salary.
On the other hand, a school might be willing to release one from a binding contract so as not to have an unhappy new professor.
If you felt unhappy with its service, you could get a bid from somebody else.
My first semester on the tenure track was an unhappy one.
My husband is on tt, but he is unhappy at his school and is thinking about teaching high school instead.
They desire what they reject and are consequently unhappy with themselves as well as their interlocutor.
If one is looking for genes that might be linked to unhappy lives, the genetics of heavy drinking is a place to start.
Then when it is called what it is, a tax, then the people get more than unhappy.
Unhappy females tend to complain incessantly and/or engage in vicious, even devious verbal attacks.
Most everyone knows that stress can cause a clenched, gurgling, unhappy stomach.
Rather, it is the inability to connect with others that leaves people unhappy and socially isolated.
So, putting people in stress-free environments without stimulation is certainly a way to make us unhappy.
The left hemisphere is even preferentially more active among people free of depression and less active among the unhappy.
But she was unhappy so she decided to make a fresh start.
It does affect his behaviour as he cannot sleep and thus becomes irritable and unhappy.
Tsunamis and plague were considered the visitations of unhappy spirits.
We unhappy few have no reason at all to wish to extend our lives by so much as one day longer than necessary.
Humans can see when their own pets, such as dogs or cats, are unhappy or suffering.
Unhappy hens, in our case, mean an egg or two a day less.
Still, both places share the unhappy awareness that the media are always watching.
Why the obsession with our kids' happiness may be dooming them to unhappy adulthoods.
The trick isn't to cut time on our devices, but to avoid information overload and content that makes us unhappy.
They seek to deflect the mounting anger of their unhappy subjects toward other, outside targets.
Sometimes they seek out cosmetic surgery, but frequently they are unhappy with the results and ask for more surgery.
While this probably shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, it has many financial reform advocates unhappy.
Its other effects, when too frequently seen in an executive, are sometimes unhappy.
Then one day the voters look up and realize that they are unhappy.
Ideologues on the left and the right will be unhappy with the choices and will bemoan the lack of clarity and coherence.
Many cell-phone owners don't want to pay for landlines but are unhappy with spotty cell reception indoors.
As far as being unhappy with the game, well who wouldn't be unhappy if any computer app wasn't working that you paid for.
He walked up and down, looked us over, and seemed awfully unhappy.
The story, sour and relentless, works toward a gruesomely unhappy ending.
Wine books, on the other hand, find a hundred ways of making us unhappy for lots of reasons.
As each of these unhappy experiences began, she had suddenly lost sight of her father and found herself alone.
Van's band was unhappy, never sure if they'd get fired one day or the next.
It is reported that these marriages are unusually unhappy.
Respondents who reported that their thoughts had drifted from the task at hand were more likely to declare themselves unhappy.
Curbing development in cities and suburbs will make developers unhappy.
Surely it is possible for mentally healthy people to be unhappy, even severely miserable.
What's more interesting yet are those who moved, are unhappy, yet inexplicably stay.
She was so desperately unhappy that her gloom was contagious.
And maybe it will work again, despite this year's unhappy portents.
We talked about why he did drugs, why he was unhappy.
He received a bachelor of science in education, and he taught for an unhappy year in a public school.
The happy exceptions highlight the unhappy rule-that the deaf, in general, cannot achieve or fulfil their potentials.
It is an unhappy fact of politics that victory goes to the pressure that will not let up.
But it also expresses the disquiet of people unhappy about the more atomized and anarchic world they now find themselves in.
Many legionnaires took a masochistic pleasure in an unhappy life.
Anyone who is unhappy with a social worker's actions or decisions should first talk to the social worker.
And companies absolutely need to hear about problems, otherwise they can't improve and you'll still be unhappy.

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