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City dwellers were thought of as cold, cynical, and unfriendly.
The neighborhood consists of ten sometimes unfriendly nations.
In turn, some of the previously safest members are suddenly in unfamiliar, unfriendly territory.
There's a difference between being unobtrusive and unfriendly.
Perhaps it is because the world itself seems more fragile, the universe now more familiar but also more unfriendly.
Non degradable ones have become ugly nuisance, apart from being environmental unfriendly.
Ion batteries are so last century and so unfriendly.
Once vulnerabilities in these systems are introduced, unfriendly people will look for ways to exploit them.
She walks over to her usual group but when she tries to talk to any of them, their responses are abrupt and unfriendly.
Our oil addiction funds unfriendly governments around the world.
Those who raise questions about this direction are viewed as old-fashioned and student-unfriendly.
If you are coy or refuse to answer it goes, unofficially, down as somehow unfriendly.
The only difference is that the meat on the spit is likely to be an unfriendly barbarian neighbor.
Joe is cute, wears a leather jacket, and seems quite unfriendly.
Light weight takes some of the pain out of portaging over pedal-unfriendly obstacles.
It was an old, ugly army surplus canvas bag with padding added inside to make it both camera-friendly and thief-unfriendly.
Not only has been it been accused of launching denial-of-service attacks against unfriendly newspapers.
The advance makes scaling up the environmentally unfriendly fuel more economical than greener alternatives.
To keep these two haves in place, a circular locking ring snaps into place and forms the pocket-unfriendly bulge.
Put away traditional cleaners laden with environmentally unfriendly ingredients.
But unfriendly policies continue to drive firms elsewhere.
State governments pressure newspapers by taking out acres of ad space, which can be withdrawn if coverage is unfriendly.
Apparently it's a combination of bad smells, wrong temperatures, homeless people sharing the terminals and unfriendly staff.
In the past they were fuelled by the fear that oil might not always be forthcoming from unfriendly countries.
Which is to say that the below complaints are not meant in an unfriendly spirit.
They vanished into the oubliette of a binge and woke up alone in a suddenly unfriendly community.
For example, it does not accuse colleges of being unfriendly to business or soft on communism.
She has a feeling for paradox and for unfriendly appraisals.
He mounted a sharp defense of his willingness to negotiate with unfriendly powers.
Unfortunately, academia is already inundated with unfriendly acronyms, making it easy to overlook this reasonably good idea.
We can withhold our purchasing dollars from eco-unfriendly companies.
Doesn't touch up again that by the time a student is an undergrad, they're already either friendly or unfriendly.
Then you extend that to validating commercial-friendly research and denigrating commercial-unfriendly research.
Every gallon of ethanol produced locally allows us to import less oil from unreliable and often unfriendly foreign sources.
There might be a lot of oil out there, but it is increasingly in the hands of a few dictators and unfriendly countries.
The ordinary horn sound is too loud and unfriendly for many purposes.
Contrary to appearances, and certainly my foremost impression, the remark wasn't intended to sound unfriendly.
Waiting for information about your account becomes customer unfriendly.
While it may seem rude to be unfriendly to a stranger, creating boundaries to protect yourself is important.
Exposed to insects, rodents, unfriendly pets and poisonous vegetation.
The chronically oppressed student may conclude that school is a frightening and unfriendly place.
Nor will the environmentally unfriendly origins of the fund's cash prevent it from pressing for better ecological standards.

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