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However, the hypothesis of human-caused climate change is unfounded.
However, preliminary data from the first year of fishing under the sector system show that these concerns were unfounded.
But any notion that body armor and medicine have somehow made this war safe is unfounded.
More careful consideration shows, however, that this anxiety is unfounded.
We will never eliminate unfounded tips from civilians, whether motivated by outright malice or merely by ignorance and fear.
Field tests show that those worries are not unfounded.
The risk-reducing formulas behind portfolio theory rely on a number of demanding and ultimately unfounded premises.
Commentators who are unaware of this may discover that their attacks are unfounded.
Your fears may not be unfounded: they really might be.
At the time, the university decided that the allegation of ghostwriting was unfounded.
Develop something new, don't go back to the smog making cancer cloud plants because of unfounded fears.
What you say is true, but what you conclude from it is entirely unfounded.
If you buy their lies, you're either a sucker or getting paid by them to spread their unfounded talking points.
The push for electric vehicles, in my opinion has been unfounded and a great upset.
Once again, those expectations were simply unfounded.
However, his optimism for quick results may be unfounded.
Your misrepresentation perpetuates many unfounded criticisms of science ie it is entirely dependent on unverified models.
The whole manufactured controversy has been to create unfounded doubt.
The majority of people to still cling to silly, unfounded, tribal religions because of their biases.
But a deeper look at the data suggests their fears may be unfounded.
But while scientific support for play can be overstated, sometimes the criticism of play can be unfounded.
So any criticism of my posts outside of that arena have been unfounded so far.
Logical cause to effect is abolished, proportions loose all relevance, and unfounded optimism is presented as omnipotence.
To triumph over obstacles by acting with unfounded optimism.
When her confidants expressed concerns about the stunt, she allegedly dismissed them as unfounded.
Yet the gloomiest predictions have so far proved unfounded.
If that happens, the current rash of predictions that the dollar has now bottomed out could prove unfounded.
There are some respects, however, in which it is not entirely unfounded.
But predictions of impending violence are unfounded.
Fears that the open-air drug market would simply move elsewhere proved unfounded.
But one fear, that voters in densely-populated opposition strongholds would not have time to cast ballots, was unfounded.
In both cases there were worries that bringing leaders to book would up-end peace efforts, but these proved unfounded.
We've witnessed a flareup of distributed anarchy implying an imprecise, but not unfounded contempt for the existing order.
So any speculation regarding the court appointed psychiatrists motives are unfounded.
It is no longer an unfounded claim, it is a description.
The insults, unfounded statements and wild claims confer no benefit on anyone.
His concerns about his team's early-season deficiencies were not unfounded.
In another way, his persecution mania wasn't entirely unfounded.
Anything else called eugenics is either politics or unfounded wishful thinking and has the potential to be morally reprehensible.
So my panic on the roller coaster turns out not to have been altogether unfounded.
The sentiment of space being the playground of the ultra-rich at the expense of the environment may not be unfounded.
Those criticisms have also been drowned out by the false and unfounded criticisms of the opponents.
One of the president's top aides told a group of her fellow pols that he had proof that she was behind the unfounded nasty tales.
Clearly, my darker fears are unfounded, as this couple could not be more welcoming.
Schwartz's method has been to pile flagrant distortions on unfounded suppositions on immaterial details.
The misgivings and suspicions you have may be unfounded.
Also reviewed were screened-out intakes, foster home licensing records, and unfounded investigations.
State and federal officials say those concerns are unfounded.
She's calmer these days, but her concerns are not unfounded.

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