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Unfortunately, the spikes are both too short and too thin to do an efficient job.
Unfortunately, there are few effective control measures.
Unfortunately, they were feeding insects a little too well.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as a deer-resistant rose yet.
The city's diversity in restaurants unfortunately doesn't extend to lodging.
Unfortunately, results are inconsistent with instant chocolate pudding mixes.
Unfortunately, though the task is smaller, there are several reasons why it could be a lot harder.
Unfortunately the resemblance runs deeper than that.
Unfortunately firms have not had much else to offer.
Unfortunately it has become, over the past couple of decades, a politically charged one as well.
Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of doctors, nurses and other health-care workers in these countries.
Unfortunately, it may be too early to be sanguine about a sustained recovery in trade and thus in the world economy.
Unfortunately, none of these drugs deals with the other part of the problem: the viruses in the brain, gut and lymph nodes.
Such crisp explanation is unfortunately lacking in the book's discussion of politics.
Unfortunately, his designated leading opponents are all ghosts from the past, so to speak.
Unfortunately, doing something about inequality of opportunity is harder than tackling relative poverty.
Unfortunately, their debts would still be payable in euros.
Unfortunately, this approach overlooked the possibility that a single large contributor might be lying spectacularly.
Unfortunately, you guys are making the mistake of comparing it to the places you are from.
Unfortunately, in finance as in medicine, no one listens to the doctor until nasty symptoms start to show.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to tag more than a few individuals in a herd, flock or swarm.
Unfortunately, such a straightforward idea is complicated by some ecological and technical issues.
Unfortunately for the telecoms firms that rushed to build networks to carry the reported surge in traffic, it wasn't true.
Unfortunately, returning to the scene is not always an option.
Unfortunately hadrons, such as protons and antiprotons, are made of smaller bits called quarks.
Unfortunately, excellent living conditions, safety and a regular home life are not among them.
Unfortunately, despite our best defenses, sunburn is a common summer malady for humans.
Unfortunately, though, some people might think this is a bit of false advertising.
Unfortunately, it worked its way free and into some uncharted abyss.
Unfortunately, the high prices encourage wild-nest collectors to redouble their efforts.
Unfortunately, the park may also hold out a temptation for mineralogical mischief.
Unfortunately, not much else was left of this dinosaur.
Unfortunately, given current industry lobbying and governmental laws, no other medication is available on the market.
Unfortunately, modulating the immune system is tricky business.
Unfortunately due to political and unstable security conditions research cannot be conducted at such places.
Unfortunately for me, the experience has become a familiar one.
Unfortunately where money is involved all moral consideration is completely ignored.
Unfortunately, there was little interest and the task was never completed.
Unfortunately, as with many of his projects, that idea was scrapped.
Unfortunately, nonnative species often invade an area, forcing out native plants and animals.
Unfortunately, when it comes to creating jobs, government is rarely helpful.
Unfortunately, the rotary engine had pretty odd characteristics that might put off some car buyers.
Unfortunately these potentially huge constrictors are often poorly cared for and are frequently released into the wild.
Unfortunately, they are often hunted and killed by farmers who fear for their domestic animals.
Unfortunately this rich diet had an adverse effect on the digestive systems of the explorers.
Unfortunately, our magazine and website editors do not accept any unsolicited photographs for publication.
Unfortunately, many of them are in danger of disappearing forever.
Unfortunately their ivory has gotten them into a lot of trouble.
Unfortunately for us and them, nothing was biting that day.
Unfortunately, overfishing and dam construction have decimated paddlefish populations.
Unfortunately, the beta males in the neighborhood don't get any action.
Unfortunately, these intelligent primates are on the verge of extinction.
Unfortunately, the old songs and tales were mostly stored away in university archives.
Unfortunately the following four years would prove far bloodier for both sides.
Unfortunately he is allergic to snake venom and anti-venom.
Unfortunately there is no way kids could really swim or interact with her as much as the film suggests.
Unfortunately, there is no way for you to edit your pre-application once it has been submitted.
Unfortunately, many species around the world are in trouble.
Unfortunately these events can't be planned far in advance and require some travel flexibility.
Unfortunately for them, it turns out that on the other side of the equator, it's winter.
Besides that, the scene had a lovely hazy quality, which unfortunately rendered the scene quite flat.
Unfortunately no theory of any value is forthcoming.
Unfortunately the earnest people get drawn off the track of evolution by the illusion of progress.
But unfortunately there seems to be spread abroad certain misconceptions-Times.
Unfortunately for his projects, however, the buried puss was exhumed by hounds.
The elk is unfortunately one of those animals seemingly doomed to total destruction at no distant date.
There has, unfortunately, been some evidence in the past year that another such conspiracy is on foot.
Unfortunately, his curiosity will not let him stop here.
Unfortunately, owing to the state of the country, it was withheld from the press for ten years longer.
Unfortunately, that which is in theory the popular part of our government, is in practise the unpopular part.
Unfortunately, however, the possibilities of truth and falsehood depend upon other things besides sincerity.
Unfortunately for literature, the expression of feeling is rarely on a level with its intensity.
Unfortunately manufacturers do not have a standardized system for naming them so it's easy to get confused.
Unfortunately the only two restaurants in town specialized in cheese fries and pizza.
Unfortunately, food snobs have given fresh pasta a superiority complex, but no way is it better than dried.
Unfortunately, she doesn't yet produce enough to fill phone orders.
Unfortunately, things that taste sweet promote insulin secretion, which encourages fat formation.
Unfortunately, nearly two thirds of our behavioral and emotional problems are never diagnosed or treated.
Unfortunately, genetic tests usually take a day or two to complete.
Unfortunately, in both villages there seems to be a relative lack of concern about the tap system.
Unfortunately, peoples' memories are not so discrete.
Again unfortunately they are usually callus to their reinforced behavior and are perceived as successful.
Unfortunately, the cultural dimension of this drive has not been sufficiently explored.
Sorry, but this unfortunately this graphic is neither clever nor outstanding.
Unfortunately, these events happen and daily life continues.
Unfortunately, anthropocentric thinking is at the root of many common misconceptions in biology.
Unfortunately, the up-and-coming mathematician was unable to take in and enjoy the compliment.
Unfortunately, this stilted computer speech leaves people cold.
Unfortunately there is little that can be done as it is impossible to police every research group.
Unfortunately, all existing fusion machines require more energy to operate than they produce.
Unfortunately, the bottom line was that the vaccine didn't work.
Unfortunately, there is no information about the origin of the image, so its accuracy is debatable.
Unfortunately, the outcome of that was to educate the public to not walk isolated and alone through dark parks.
Unfortunately, the problems presented by the new bill wouldn't stop there for college administrators.
Kids may say the darnedest things, but unfortunately, what they say often hurts.
Unfortunately, the study is inconclusive on that count.
Unfortunately, the changes make legitimate academic use more difficult as well.
Unfortunately, the chosen metrics do not always offer an accurate picture of our campuses.
Unfortunately, those moments did not occur frequently enough.
Unfortunately, hardly any of them took me up on the suggestion, and their grades reflected it.
Unfortunately the range in pay has nothing to do with amount of work actually performed.
Unfortunately, scores of academic advice books mislead job seekers into thinking that their letter should be limited to one page.
Unfortunately, lecture is the lowest form according to the research.
Unfortunately, easy pasting also increases the rate at which published typos are replicated.
Unfortunately, many high school counselors do not know or do not inform students about for profit credits not transferring.
Sometimes, unfortunately, departmental reviews and faculty mentoring are cryptic or unhelpfully positive.
Unfortunately, shelling out for the stylus gives you an unexceptional, even more expensive tablet with a pointless gimmick.
Unfortunately, the definitions get terribly muddled.
Unfortunately, this way you don't get a good sense of how far apart these things are.
White pixels or light-colored pixels, though, are unfortunately visible individually to the human eye.
Unfortunately, it also blew the roof off the reactor building.
Unfortunately, running more than a handful of these widgets simultaneously proves problematic.
Bot doesn't do much in this game, unfortunately, but he's there to complete the team.
Unfortunately, the implementation suffers from a few unpleasant hiccups.
Unfortunately for many, the transition hasn't been as smooth as they'd hoped.
Unfortunately, during their project, the researchers lost one of their teammates to the deadly disease.
Unfortunately, there isn't enough niacin here to have this benefit.
Unfortunately, to be light enough to mount, those whiteboards are pretty thin.
Unfortunately, his audience thought he used sorcery.
Unfortunately for the governor, he's going to need the media if he wants to run on a national platform.
Unfortunately, the article's allegations are tough to follow.
As for their appearance, unfortunately, the father's genes were really too strong.
Unfortunately, the closest, cheapest college is often a bad choice.
But unfortunately, as they say, with more power comes more annoying privacy settings to toggle.
Unfortunately, those same areas tend to be fire-prone.
Unfortunately, it will instead benefit the relatively affluent.
But unfortunately, those job searches aren't ending well for the long-term unemployed, as the chart clearly shows.
Unfortunately, the wrong diagnosis means also the wrong policy prescriptions, hurting both countries in the process.
And unfortunately, no reference book can settle whether they do, for reverse dictionaries are quite limited in their usefulness.
Unfortunately, my line didn't bump me up a pay grade.
Unfortunately, they may not survive long enough to be seen by your grandkids.
Unfortunately, the evidence seems to indicate that we're going to do neither.
Unfortunately, these implants suffered early catastrophic failure.
Unfortunately, that he made such a deeply unbalanced speech was little surprise.
Unfortunately, the purple raspberry has a lot of drawbacks for commercial farmers.
Unfortunately, what was once a sustainable fishery has been modernized into large-scale industrial-style farming.
Unfortunately, to meet that demand, nuclear as usual will not suffice.
Unfortunately, a temporary payroll-tax holiday for employers won't solve this problem.
Unfortunately in finance, many things are only true if no one believes they are true.
Unfortunately, its authors provide no credible evidence that this is the case.
Unfortunately, even programs proven to be cost effective are vulnerable to cuts.
Unfortunately, this is common in the early stages of a recovery.
Unfortunately, she cannot raise the money she needs.
Unfortunately, she is already betrothed to a real cad.
Unfortunately, soon after arriving, he gets drunk and seemingly kills another officer during a barroom fight.
Unfortunately, these calculations at the moment works well only with one or two selected enzymes.
Unfortunately, this process causes some unburned fuel to be lost as exhaust, resulting in higher emissions.
Unfortunately if this is the case, any one flaw will breakdown the whole structure.
Unfortunately, there are many downsides, which is probably why it's taken so long to develop.
Unfortunately, questions remain over its clinical utility.
Unfortunately, with the new designs using wireless sensors, security becomes a potential threat.
And unfortunately, that doesn't seem to stop them from sharing their opinions.
Unfortunately, the idea has been sloshing around in the murky depths of standards development for years.
Unfortunately, they have precious little to do with how people and organizations actually pay for innovation.
Unfortunately, not everyone is intelligent and not everyone will be ever-vigilant.
Unfortunately, cancer is a moving target that hides itself quite well in the body.
Unfortunately, you have to do this before your account gets hacked, not after.
Unfortunately, it's not yet clear if electric cars will sell fast enough to justify all this battery production.
But unfortunately, it's unlikely that denying the application for the pipeline will prevent these emissions.
Unfortunately drilling a relief well will take two to three months.
Unfortunately they appear to be complex and expensive.
To produce a milliwatt of power, unfortunately, the reactor consumes a kilowatt.
Unfortunately, the cross-platform play was only possible for one day.
One general comment on all these invisibility cloaks is that unfortunately they are all easily defeated.
Unfortunately there's still lot of people and places that don't have this kind of access.
Unfortunately he wildly overstates his empirical case.
Unfortunately, renewables have inherent costs that prevent them from working in this role.
Unfortunately, the top end of the temperature band is higher than the melting point of steel.
Unfortunately, peer-to-peer systems can be difficult to put together.
Unfortunately, only a few locations have this option.
This, however, was unfortunately done without informing the people involved or consulting them.
Unfortunately, the results of that study are too flawed to be of much use.
Unfortunately, the political priorities addressed here do not coincide with what is best for the economy.
But unfortunately, it is vitiated by a series of errors that deserve to be noted.
The answer, unfortunately, is that the insurer's customers wouldn't be a representative sample of the population.
Exactly what proportion of the population had at some time been part of it still remains, unfortunately, a subject of controversy.
But unfortunately, this will not necessarily be the case with the next pandemic.
Unfortunately the authorities are always lagging behind events.
But unfortunately, these errors are so great that they call into question her critical conclusions.
Unfortunately, even tragically, this new power has been used deplorably.
Unfortunately, you make no effort to demonstrate what is incorrect or untruthful about them.
Unfortunately, history does not give answers to the problems it leaves us.
In that case unfortunately the villagers got bombed also.
It was a theory that, unfortunately, had no connection to reality.
Unfortunately, the government has exploited it ever since to help justify policies that have degraded the country's democracy.
Unfortunately he soon discredited himself by his extravagant personal ambitions and within two years he was dismissed.
Unfortunately, they do not seem to be based on any serious degree of observation.
Unfortunately, he failed to look further to discover that hardly anything has come of those investigations.
Unfortunately he did not live to see the book published, the sole important fruit of a lifetime of reading and talking.
And, unfortunately, a statistical question cannot have a molecular answer.
There are still more illustrations in the text, but here unfortunately the publishers have served the author less well.
Unfortunately, though, he is better at setting norms for others than at gauging their fulfillment.
Not unfortunately the universe is wild-game flavored as a hawk's wing.
Unfortunately, this pious king has no skills at governance whatever.
The history of medicine is, unfortunately, rather similar to the history of astrology.
Unfortunately, she may have no choice in the matter.
Unfortunately, this insane story isn't a tale from a science-fiction novel.
Unfortunately, this process yields pieces of collagen of all different lengths, and that can affect a product's ability to gel.
Unfortunately, they're also effective on an unintended target-fish.
Unfortunately, there was no foundation of basic research describing how a tail grows.
Unfortunately, it's also been a good month for gas masks.
Those predictions have, unfortunately, turned out to be true.
Brilliant videography, unfortunately the music was lacking.
The damage to her valves, unfortunately, was permanent.
Unfortunately, there is little good evidence that these games improve anything beyond performance on a specific task.
Unfortunately, as pretty as this is, the implications are not so good: the forest in that area is suffering due to all that ash.
Unfortunately, forgot to pack the cable to download from the camera.
Unfortunately, being among the biggest individuals, matriarchs are often inviting targets for human rifles.
She didn't have any new genetic results to talk about, unfortunately, although she may before long.
Unfortunately, the physics for this matter favoritism doesn't make sense.
Unfortunately the article does not explain the meaning of the graph.
Unfortunately, the expensive computers were a commercial flop.
The allure of wine for mosquitoes remains, unfortunately, unstudied.
Unfortunately, his enthusiasm seemed a bit misplaced.
Unfortunately, in case it needs restating, freshwater economics turned out to be based on two ideas that aren't true.
Unfortunately, it has also translated into a flood of hype.
Unfortunately, instead of making my hair straight, the hairdresser decided to express herself through my natural curls.
Unfortunately, in too many departments, disagreements about ideas turns into personal disagreement.
Unfortunately, there's a serious imbalance in the performances.
Unfortunately, it now seems, the many others had a point.
Unfortunately, there was no serum, or any known treatment.
Unfortunately, his style calcified into tricky panoplies of stock modernistic forms, more suited to punchy graphic art.
Unfortunately for them, everybody only remembers the one.
Unfortunately, the only way to do that would be to bring back the economy of the fifties, too.
Unfortunately, what was true of normal markets has turned out to be irrelevant in a crisis.
Unfortunately for everyone, the video suggests that time and such connections and money may be no factor.
Unfortunately, there seems to be no idea too crazy these days that it will not get a hearing.
Unfortunately, they also copy the bulge in the lip and the outline of tobacco cans in the uniform pocket.
Unfortunately, she created conformity among her disciples.
Unfortunately, it may also end up prolonging and deepening the current downturn.
Unfortunately, it's also an example of the limits of such intervention.
Unfortunately, some of the treatments for head lice are more dangerous than the bugs.
But, unfortunately, the care lasts only until the trial is completed.
Her membership in the cabal may unfortunately be revoked, however, because of how uncomfortable she is talking about herself.
Unfortunately somebody else did and needs to be penalized.
Unfortunately, the work would be nowhere near done by the deadline for our photo shoot.
Unfortunately, many details about the actual photo shoots are lost and no longer accessible.
And unfortunately he makes a pretty boneheaded programming error.
Unfortunately, one of our main tools in delineating the two is broke.
Unfortunately for the skeptics, it was the satellite readings that turned out to be wrong.
Unfortunately the head is the heaviest part of the body, and it tends to gravitate towards the ground.
Unfortunately, he would have to wait a while longer.
Unfortunately, they do spend the entire last episode of the first season in an underground bunker.
Unfortunately, this gives way all too soon to dusty suburbs of corrugated-tin slums and appalling poverty.
Unfortunately, the scale of the layout upstaged my battered bits and pieces of furniture.
Unfortunately, success on television seemed to signal the end of leading-lady film roles.
Unfortunately, the technical and legal jargon used in these forms may be more confusing than helpful.
Unfortunately, green plates cannot be replaced with the same number.
Unfortunately, the ship is unsafe and closed to the public.
Unfortunately, the new system does not allow recurring payments using credit cards.
Unfortunately, in our migration to a new server, the interactive tour is not working.
But, unfortunately, it usually gets shoved aside as other details in life demand our time and attention.
Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted.
Unfortunately, this results in delays in the delivery of letters and packages.
Unfortunately, the page or file you requested could not be found.
The prior site's search function will unfortunately no longer be available.
Unfortunately this browser will time out when trying to process payments in our system.
Unfortunately, a small percentage of people and businesses require a more direct response to achieve compliance.
Unfortunately, thousands also go out of business each year.
Unfortunately you cannot view other people's calendars using this tool.

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