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Example sentences for unforeseeable

It seems some unforeseeable catastrophe will be required to bring us to our senses.
But the disease has left us in such a grip that breaking this toxic cycle seems unforeseeable.
Make sure you have access to additional funds in case your fare runs higher due to traffic or other unforeseeable factors.
Decide what to pack, and then double it in case of travel delay, cancellation or other unforeseeable events.
But some crises are not unforeseeable, which complicates the question of responsibility.
They have forecasted what can be forecast and formulated contingency plans ready for use when unforeseeable shocks occurred.
Independent from that, currently this movement seems pliable and unforeseeable.
It could draw unimaginable and unforeseeable consequences on mankind itself.
Impeding financial innovation today risks stymieing unforeseeable technological advances in the future.
That's probably not an especially likely outcome, but neither is it unforeseeable.
The time these things will take depends on unforeseeable accidents of history and politics.
He added, however, that what he really minded was the unforeseeable taxes.
It was yet one more unforeseeable turn in a protest movement that has changed character and momentum almost daily.
When the two decide to marry, however, an unforeseeable cosmic occurrence entirely alters the nature of their relationship.
The starting date and duration of work may be adjusted for inclement weather or other unforeseeable delays.
The proposed regulations added examples that would illustrate when an unforeseeable emergency occurred.
The delay must be unavoidable or unforeseeable prior to acceptance of the transfer.
Withdrawals may be permitted when you experience an unforeseeable emergency that causes extreme financial hardship.
The driver's conduct was both criminal and unforeseeable.
If you have an unforeseeable emergency, you may be able to make a withdrawal from your account.
Your personal property is protected for unforeseeable events such as theft, or damage by fire.

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