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New scientific discoveries often unfold rapidly, on a time-scale of months and sometimes even weeks.
The shift that has already occurred will now gain momentum and will unfold in the next couple of years.
It's been interesting to watch the subsequent conversation unfold in this thread.
They could watch the action unfold, so to speak, in a test tube but weren't sure how close the pace conformed to real life.
The space-station project will unfold in a series of planned launches over the next ten years.
It'd be neat to see such chaos unfold in zero gravity.
Unfold the plane to observe the inside of the middle fold.
It's easy to think that proteins ought to fold more quickly as they cool down and then unfold more quickly as they heat up.
Either way, sit back and watch an interesting and important debate unfold.
Picture the rack moving the car out of the rest, then lowering it enough for the car to unfold.
Scientists are still coming to understand the many ways that epigenetic changes unfold at the biochemical level.
It also causes some proteins in the egg white to unfold.
History is in the making here and were lucky enough to see it unfold.
Natural disasters do not unfold according to a predictable order.
All three are epic adventures that unfold in a rich fantasy world, perfect for the big screen.
My deeper aim, though, was to allow an organic conversation to unfold.
In fact, by this view, we're watching a master vision unfold.
At their best these pictures increase our understanding of those headlines, tell us something about why events unfold as they do.
It promptly refills pawed-over flowers with a fresh supply of nectar and nudges other blooms to unfold.
The magic of these sites is to discover them slowly, watching the landscape unfold and the sacred sites unveil themselves.
When it comes time for this process to unfold, be sure to engage fully rather than avoiding it out of your discomfort.
But because of the writers' strike, even he doesn't know when the stories will unfold.
Its a car that can unfold its wings and become a plane.
Watching the landscape unfold is reason enough to travel this road.

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