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Example sentences for unfocused

Leave your main subject unfocused and instead focus on a secondary detail in the scene.
Committees can become too large and unfocused, and lose track of their operational and fiduciary responsibilities.
The act of hypnotism only serves as a focusing piece for the otherwise unfocused.
The movement seems unfocused and without reasonable goals.
Psychological distress was gauged by asking the number of days they felt tired, run down or unfocused.
Most people falter on this question because they have a tendency to be undisciplined, unfocused and ramble.
Conversely, people with low self-esteem are often unfocused and easily frustrated.
The movie offers a grab bag of oddball characters who seem unfocused, and its visual rhythms are jerky and spasmodic.
But they are also somewhat skeptical of the protestors, who seem a bit scruffy and unfocused.
Five episodes in, the series remains scattered and unfocused.
It doesn't matter what your message is when your campaign is unfocused.
The ineffective school with the unfocused principal demonstrated an overall unfocused leadership orientation.
Unfocused population-based testing is not cost-effective or useful and leads to unnecessary treatment.
When people do turn out, the meetings themselves may seem stale or lifeless and their discussions unfocused or of little use.

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