unfazed in a sentence

Example sentences for unfazed

Nearly devoid of insect and disease problems, it's also unfazed by polluted air.
Both of them seem unfazed by this radical change in their physiologies.
These remarks leave the public unfazed, though, in view of an unfolding disaster.
They were greedy and sloppy, but the tree is unfazed.
Initially the police outside the prison were unfazed by our presence, relaxed enough to be polite.
He glanced at the back, where several people seemed to be saying something about him, but he appeared unfazed.
But the government, unfazed by its own weak bargaining position, decided to proceed.
Even people unfazed by luxury are startled by the excess.
Two of the big operators are expanding capacity, unfazed by the idea that the border may eventually reopen.
Although a completely rational robot might be unfazed by the chaos and confusion of the battlefield, it could still make mistakes.
Either way, the upshot is dispiriting, and made worse by smug skiers whizzing by unfazed.
She stood unfazed as a swarm of busy bees buzzed all around her.
The penguins seem totally unfazed by the cold and wind, unlike this wimpy human being.
The scammer was so persistent that he seemed unfazed when the call recipient identified himself as a police officer.
Other species are unfazed or even thrive under poor water quality conditions.
Bald eagles nesting near an interstate may be unfazed by the noise of steady traffic because they have become acclimated to it.
The deputy sprayed the defendant with pepper spray, but the defendant was unfazed.
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