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But it has also, unexpectedly, revealed the fallibility of our own science.
The hyena unexpectedly lifts her head and drills her huge dark eyes into us.
The idea had got into his mind that he would some time die unexpectedly and always when he got into bed he thought of that.
We have unexpectedly advanced from the question of the causation of the psychoneuroses to the problem of its essence.
Those lessons are often extremely uncomfortable, and always arrive unexpectedly.
The perfect fit for me turned out to be an unexpectedly bad fit for my husband.
The rug could be pulled from under them rather unexpectedly.
As such, the features can unexpectedly go away without any warning.
The same would be true if the president died in office, whether unexpectedly or after a long illness.
Now the conditions of digital culture have unexpectedly forced a collision, scrambling the once-sure footing of both camps.
Let your chair know your plan, but also discuss what will be done if you unexpectedly have to take more time off.
Suppose upon entering a room one is unexpectedly confronted with the sight of a fully grown tiger.
She also mentioned that the position was open because of two professors unexpectedly leaving the department.
Their effect on those they enrich or disappoint is never negligible, and sometimes unexpectedly charged.
They had unexpectedly become younger and seemed to exist in a brighter light.
But instead the spacecraft now finds itself in an unexpectedly tranquil zone.
But our tests unexpectedly revealed that green plants also make methane--and quite a lot of it.
One of the cats unexpectedly died only six days after infection.
But then, unexpectedly, some chimps discovered and began using the other strategy.
But the unexpectedly bright background may indicate that star formation got going faster and remained frenetic for longer.
There's no mention of the many who unexpectedly develop severe schizophrenia shortly after puberty.
Additionally, pi shows up often unexpectedly in many mathematical situations.
When workers open a rusty pipe and unexpectedly encounter radioactive dust that is a problem.
Sometimes considering a simple question leads to unexpectedly broad insights.
Identifying materials that could be unexpectedly useful in solar cells.
Since then, the rational idea behind designing the drug has given way to an unexpectedly complex range of outcomes.
Unexpectedly, these behaviours make the network different from traditional scale free networks in some subtle ways.
Web visitation, not unexpectedly, correlates with age.
But their father died unexpectedly, and the family grew poor.
He reigned for about nine years-and then died unexpectedly.
The map unexpectedly revealed a pattern that's the spitting image of the video arcade icon.
What was unexpectedly the best part of the trip for me was how welcoming all the cowboys were of me and of my group.
In addition, the expedition revealed unexpectedly high biodiversity in deeper waters.
Unexpectedly, the study also helped to challenge the reigning view on the place where dogs first appeared.
Moreover, and quite unexpectedly, the amount of property crime was noticeably reduced.
It does seem to have come about unexpectedly quickly.
In sports-as in life-genius is serendipitous, unexpectedly bubbling from the bottom up.
It may happen that a small number of beneficiaries will receive payments soon, if they die unexpectedly.
They look at how cases in which leaders die unexpectedly and accidentally affect economic growth.
He paired them with expertly tailored jackets for an unexpectedly chic summer suit.
Pirates' rotation unexpectedly still a work in progress.
Modern koalas are known for their cuteness, nearly exclusive eucalyptus-leaf diet, and the unexpectedly weird noises they make.
It was an unexpectedly fascinating look at how cells die.
But a month after it starts, her health becomes unexpectedly bad.
Its condemnation this weekend was unexpectedly strong.
Of course it still does, because some things go wrong unexpectedly.
It is brutally violent, weirdly funny and unexpectedly humane.
His tightly framed study of the portraitist is an unexpectedly moving investigation of the artistic process.
Some people, not unexpectedly perhaps, fantasise about celebrities.
In the past few weeks several big media companies have reported unexpectedly good earnings.
Populations do fluctuate dramatically and unexpectedly.
When the economy grows unexpectedly fast, firms work their employees harder to keep up.
Extra services can be laid on at the last minute during unexpectedly busy times.
But now a further ingredient has unexpectedly been added to the dealmaking mix.
Altered microbes might prove to be unexpectedly difficult to control.
However, some deleterious mutations reach unexpectedly high frequencies.
Cigarettes aren't the only products whose reputations have been unexpectedly redeemed.
The entire hot-shot crew was trapped and every last one of them killed when the winds unexpectedly changed direction.
It helps species adapt and survive when the environment changes unexpectedly.
After falling upon them unexpectedly, they slew many of them, and took many of them alive.
There are many old abandoned tin mines all over the place and some of these cause land to collapse unexpectedly.
The paradoxical feature of the laws of probability is that they make unlikely events happen unexpectedly often.
And now, quite unexpectedly, the shadow of redemption.
Not staying in better touch with people who truly mattered to me before they died unexpectedly.
But her doctors unexpectedly discovered a severe problem with a heart valve, and her health quickly deteriorated.
Somehow it works, and the overall effect is unexpectedly cozy.
The pyramid had been towed no more than a mile upstream when the slow-moving flotilla encountered an unexpectedly strong current.
He was standing on a ladder, having staked out a spot, when the amateur shot his arms up unexpectedly at the crucial moment.

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