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Example sentences for unequivocally

For the first time, gene therapy has unequivocally succeeded, scientists say.
Though perhaps imperfect, it unequivocally supports the claim of average long workweeks of college and university faculty.
The marriages this week were the first unequivocally legal ceremonies.
Only this year have instruments become sensitive enough to detect cosmic sources unequivocally.
Funeral expenses, as funerals are ordered ar present, have grown to be unequivocally formidable to persons of small.
My position is unequivocally that all persons are fully so, or they are not at all.
The unequivocally bad news, though, is that the figure is still rising.
Nobody has the right to state that they speak the truth unequivocally.
Faced with so unequivocally downbeat a report, government ministers abandoned diplomacy and spoke bluntly.
After all, the main opposition party unequivocally supported the war and still does.
When those questions are answered clearly and unequivocally they simply invent a new theory and ask new questions.
Life satisfaction is unequivocally related in a positive way to income, but emotional well-being is not.
Since you signed the contract, you can ask gently but unequivocally for the details in writing.
Unequivocally troubling is the fact that eight percent said they had discussed a client by name with friends.
Your presumption is absolutely and unequivocally false.
In all cases it was pretty much unequivocally clear when the kitties' times had come.
Calvinists believe, unequivocally, that no part of salvation can be attributed to human merit.
Mental derangements unequivocally attributable to cortisone have been reported by hundreds of clinicians.
Never before, however, has his sculpture played so directly and unequivocally with the spectator's emotions.
It might have unequivocally sorted out his interests.
We're talking of regional significance, and in so doing destroying an unequivocally magnificent site of national significance.
Letting people know they are loved seems unequivocally good.
The pastoral is an unequivocally anthropocentric mode.
The burden of responsibility for change is now squarely and unequivocally upon the white churches and white churchmen everywhere.
Nearly every boss has a nickname, an unequivocally unique, identifying feature.
But what researchers consider unequivocally unsafe is to avoid them.
Soon, my dear sir the whole thing will be unequivocally exposed for a premeditated fraud.
Thus, the hypothetical new evidence would need to be dramatic and unequivocally convincing.
New communication technologies have long been thought of as unequivocally on the side of political freedom.
From a purely economic point of view, foreign direct investment seems unequivocally positive for recipient nations.
Now, the fact that these roles pay different salaries is not unequivocally discriminatory.
There is only one possible answer to that question: absolutely, unequivocally, yes.
It also has the advantage of being unequivocally here and relatively easy to use.

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