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Even as its executives celebrated, recalls one, they were uneasy.
The best kind of technocrat is uneasy about being in power at all.
The inflection told me the chimpanzees were surprised or uneasy.
Icelanders live in an uneasy peace with the geologic unrest beneath their feet.
But my feelings afterward were akin to the uneasy feelings that follow a burger and fries.
The arm was actually kept in an adjacent room, as its presence tended to make the monkeys uneasy.
So academe exists in an uneasy relation with the public and the idea of public service.
The regime that succeeded him was an uneasy tussle between idealists and a would-be military junta.
But the novelty of the request definitely makes me uneasy.
When they first come upon one another, they are uneasy.
It is little wonder that traditionally-minded gatekeepers are feeling uneasy.
What makes me uneasy is that cheap labor seems more important to academe than quality instruction.
Perhaps not this time, but it sets an uneasy precedent.
Tell him he should never feel bad about walking away from someone and finding a trusted adult if someone makes him feel uneasy.
He was uneasy that it aligned a ban on nuclear propulsion with one on weapons.
The main parties have themselves always been uneasy alliances.
And lenders are now unable to raise cash in uneasy debt markets.
Yet the leadership of the centre-right is uneasy about these implied threats to break the law.
Developing countries are uneasy about formalising such a realignment.
It was funny in a taboo way, but left you a little uneasy.
Some of us may feel a little uneasy about a perfectly planned environment.
Despite the growth in volume, the exchange's members are uneasy.
And now, this glimpse behind the scenes makes me feel uneasy.
And uneasy importers, fearing a shortage, went on a buying spree.
Now he seems uneasy, as if a new policy has been implemented.
On foreign-policy is- sues, however, they seem to lose their grip on the mundane and go into an uneasy existential wobble.
At first, some intelligence experts were uneasy about drone attacks.
First there was an uneasy desire for change, for some big definite movement to her life.
In his morals he was pure, and he was made uneasy by indelicacy, which he always resented with a maiden feeling.
What is ugly about life is that it so often only provides uneasy half solutions that are so seldom pure and tragic ones.
But one need not be among their number to feel uneasy about the tests and the meritocratic philosophy they represent.
The people who controlled the networks knew this and were uneasy, and in some cases, terrified.
It occupies the uneasy ground between the novella proper and the personal essay or confession.
Their relationship was uneasy but survived eight years.
The thought that others might be instead controlling our actions makes us uneasy.
As his career had taken off, he had grown increasingly uneasy with the trappings of success.
The shifts have made some longtime residents uneasy.
They are deeply uneasy about nudity, even among close friends.
But the other obvious change makes them feel a bit more uneasy: they have lost the art of enjoying themselves at work.
Something always makes me feel uneasy about the sight of people cheering rows of tanks.
But he was uneasy about relinquishing the prime minister's job, especially as he hopes to trim the president's power in future.
There are other reasons why crowdsourcing and commerce make uneasy bedfellows.
It is more uneasy and bemused about the coming political showdown than eager and excited.
Officials are uneasy about insisting on fiscal tightening that may aggravate recession.
What is clear is that an open economy and a closed political system make uneasy bedfellows.
Molecular melodies still lie somewhere in the uneasy borderland between the arts and science.
But there is an implicit approval in this film that makes me uneasy.
Amid the jubilation of victory last week, many journalists had an uneasy feeling that they had been routed.
Have your card in hand and don't approach the machine if you're uneasy about people nearby.
If you feel uneasy or threatened, change your seat and/or alert the driver.
Although his name grew to be inextricably linked to pop, the relationship was always an uneasy fit.

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