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Example sentences for unease

The unease with the exposure to so many strangers with strange ideas also changed our notions of privacy.
But behind his little joke one might detect a certain unease about how much longer that pretense can be kept up.
Such stories, with stock characters speaking in exaggerated dialect, allowed their tellers to laugh away their own unease.
He showed up early to the games and stayed late, he played with abandon, he felt the unease in results.
In his hands, that jagged figure becomes a pang of unease.
They've blogged, but with the ghastly unease of one's high school headmaster trying to rap.
Yet the bigger, more complicated changes are generating unease.
Links between government and the local media have caused many islanders unease before now.
Given the gloomy history, the lingering unease about higher oil prices is understandable.
Shareholder unease comes at an awkward time for the firm.
The reticence partly reflects fears about consumer unease and unwelcome attention from regulators.
One place where the level of public unease can be measured is on social-networking sites.
But if hostility towards such agreements denotes unease about trade in general, it is a worrying sign.
If not outright panic, there was a deep sense of unease, however.
Measures of this nature create apprehension and unease.
The unease manifested itself in sartorial diktats, too.
But she did not give a date, and news reports have shown growing unease about the legislation.
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