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Example sentences for unduly

The country's leading anti-shark protection authority believes it can be done without unduly endangering bathers.
We are subject to fevers of provincialism which make us vaunt ourselves unduly and to chills of colonialism which make up un-.
And they do not think of themselves as put upon or unduly burdened.
Unfortunately, he falls into the lazy trap of extrapolation, which leads him to unduly apocalyptic conclusions.
Thus they were not unduly frightened by my presence, and observations were extremely profitable.
They added that he did not seem unduly alarmed by the device before it exploded.
Realize your lack of intimacy in no way seemed to unduly bother any of these folks.
But to say there is no link to crime more generally looks unduly optimistic.
Luckily the snare was loose and the giraffe did not suffer unduly.
On the one hand, it needs to ward off an unduly deep downturn in growth.
The attorney-general also intervenes in the courts by appealing against sentences that seem unduly lenient.
Those operators that are shown to be unduly lax or reckless should be put out of business.
Cameras might make witnesses cagey, or unduly humiliate defendants.
But their fellow royals seem to be getting unduly nervous too.
The approach is at once unduly harsh and absurdly lenient.
But its refusal even to begin to talk about a weapons ban in space has been unduly rigid.
But maintenance and update were becoming unduly costly.
Western governments which bankroll it do not seem unduly worried.
But the level of hype about them is raising expectations unduly.
It is a nuisance to the public that unduly enriches a few people.
Its been a long time since people believed that transparency and accountability for reporters unduly oppresses truthful reporting.
But they are and management is being unduly compensated for them.
The flap of the envelope should be plain and the point not unduly long.
To expressly consider compounding in the present survey of types would be to complicate our problem unduly.
It has come to our attention that certain persons feel that executive-compensation packages have been unduly awarded.
In one sense, therefore, the conflict between science and religion is a slight matter which has been unduly emphasized.
Where these arguments failed was in their unduly narrow view of how access to contraception can be secured.
The interest- rate benchmark would be set over a long period, so it would not be unduly influenced by immediate market stresses.
But having seen their way to a structure of things, they did not bother unduly about its foundations.
The gesture was meant to cast blame on a military that his officials deem unduly unaccountable.
We feel that the requirement of the disclosure in general is unduly burdensome as stated above.

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Let us eat and drink neither forgetting death unduly nor remembering it. The Lord hath mercy on whom he wil... more
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