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Example sentences for undoubted

Despite the undoubted power of today's computers, users continue to be tormented by their systems' stubborn unreliability.
The degree of his undoubted success is immeasurable, because nothing really relates to it.
Your undoubted familiarity with the bridge scene is completely irrelevant.
Yet the main theme of both authors is not these undoubted successes.
And he tried to recognize the undoubted existence of gays in the military, bringing appearance into some relation to reality.
For all their undoubted significance, however, those two facts are not the whole story.
The effect of their long and melodramatic chase of bosses is an undoubted improvement in our whole governmental method.
He contributes a kind of intellectuality to his friends, and he has undoubted social value.
Usually however, the central government can use it undoubted muscle in situations where it deems it politically necessary.
Neither do they think it unworthy of them to change their opinion if truth and undoubted demonstration require them to do so.
Yet, poor stuff as these compositions might be, they exercised an undoubted influence on the events they illustrate.
Much more ought this to be so in the case of real and undoubted parents.
Against the dubious benefits of capital punishment must be weighed its undoubted drawbacks.
It might, for example, expose the undoubted rifts within the junta.
Even the president's undoubted charisma has not rendered him immune.
Marijuana is also of undoubted benefit in suppressing the nausea suffered by many people on anti-cancer chemotherapy.
His undoubted eccentricity was partly a matter of personal style.
They and everyone who made this picture under undoubted stress should now be spared.
If proven, this will have undoubted implications for the animals' well-being.

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