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But a single word on the list of undesirable qualities raised flags over here.
Another ecological consequence is the invasion of an area by undesirable plants.
Then have them draw a picture of an insect that looks scary or ugly or has some undesirable behaviors.
However, resource recovery is not without its own undesirable effects, such as pollution from incinerators.
Stack several layers of cardboard on top of undesirable or invasive vegetation.
When eliminating ants from the home, it's important that you make your home undesirable to them.
Maori began to discard as much as half of the bird's weight as undesirable meat or useless material such as feathers.
Tin is an undesirable material for a coffee-pot, as tannic acid acts on such metal and is apt to form a poisonous compound.
The changes which the example of these leaders brought into the newspapers at large were various, and not all undesirable.
One age expresses itself naturally in a form that would be unnatural, and therefore undesirable, in another age.
He urged that it was an undesirable thing to be always tinkering with this particular trade-Times.
It was equally undesirable to veto the whole agricultural bill, and to sign it with this amendment effective.
As is customary-but both unwise and undesirable-in such cases, each side advanced claims which the other could not grant.
They produce what to my palate are undesirable aromas and flavors.
Second, general anesthesia was often accompanied by vomiting and other side effects that were undesirable.
Such depletion is undesirable because the ozone layer blocks ultraviolet radiation.
These possibilities are all thus either undesirable or unachievable or both.
However, this can sometimes create an undesirable grainy or fuzzy image in a color photo.
It makes no distinction whatsoever between the desirable and the undesirable, or costs and gain.
Obviously, this is an undesirable result, both for investors and taxpayers.
The moral of the story, of course, is that bailouts are undesirable.
Thus, microcredit requires a delicate and ongoing balancing act between undesirable extremes.
It is undesirable because it can be achieved only through rigid codification, which makes all further discussion pointless.
The challenges are keeping undesirable content out and making sure that stories are promoted legitimately.
We will have wasted trillions on an undesirable and untenable system.
The deep gravity well of any planet is an undesirable location.
Some consider the new high rise buildings undesirable because they do change the pre-existing architectural look of the city.
Let us face it: she was provoked and provoked in all of those undesirable ways.
The fear persists that many undesirable plants could become resistant to certain herbicides because they have altered genes.
The only alternative to charging the content providers is to charge individual consumers more for access, which seems undesirable.
As a result, the flow of the preferred molecule across the film was five times as fast as that of its undesirable mirror image.
However, the idea of everything being in an infinity deep gravity well sounds undesirable.
Obviously, this is undesirable effect too, but it does mean they probably avoid tissue damage.
For one thing, many respondents may not want to admit to road rage because it is socially undesirable.
The notion that long radioactive lifetimes are undesirable is also erroneous.
Although social distance has some undesirable effects on communities, it also gives people the space they may expect or require.
In general, herbals are cheaper and have fewer undesirable effects.
Policing the thoughts, politics and feelings of everyone who is involved is impossible if not also also undesirable.
He has spent years challenging his undesirable discharge status.
On some subways, you'd be traveling through undesirable neighborhoods.
Each side regards restrictions on the movement of investment capital into and out of a country as undesirable.
With fewer people buying, landlords can call the shots, and many find pets undesirable.
It may have been a bore, but it was a less socially costly way of dealing with an undesirable habit than a ban.
But for those whose top priority is freedom of speech, the result still means an undesirable law on the statute books.
Excess volatility and disorderly movements in exchange rates are undesirable for economic growth.
Differences in preferences will have consequences, but these should not be regarded as automatically undesirable.
Financial crises are costly and certainly undesirable.
First, the government believes it is socially undesirable to have estates dominated by publicly owned housing.
Irrespective whether this may have long term undesirable consequences for jobs or growth.
Moreover, a devaluation of the yuan would have two undesirable consequences.
For some people, this is an undesirable trend, because shareholders usually have no direct experience of running a company.
Stamp duty is an undesirable tax since it impedes labour mobility.
But during the cold war both superpowers conspired eagerly to eliminate people they deemed undesirable.
Mainstream economic opinion felt that capital mobility was unnecessary, and often undesirable.
Even then, allowing inflation to rise in order to curb unemployment may not always be undesirable.
Moving too quickly is undesirable because people need time to plan for the later payment of the benefit.
But the implication there is that the outcome under question is slightly undesirable.
But easy opportunities to tax-and thereby reduce-undesirable things are rare.
And yes, it can also be a sign of undesirable bathroom habits.
Most students understand that's undesirable, and saves having to check excuses.
For something besides theory also made it an undesirable aim to get the meanings and representations of the work right.
In a real democracy, illiterate and under-educated people voting is an undesirable phenomenon.
It's clearly not because these vehicles are undesirable.
Useful inventions often result from the drive to innovate beyond an undesirable situation.
Actors strive to deliver flawless performances, often while working irregular hours in undesirable and unpleasant conditions.
Oil spills flowing into the lake make it undesirable for swimming and frolicking.
Left back has a certain undesirable connotation when it comes to grammar school.
It is undesirable to harm a potential customer, supplier or partner.
Not only can they shorten an individual's life, but they can turn it into an undesirable partner.
One could even say that they find any possible escape route highly undesirable.
Sadly, these genes are also loaded with a lot of bits that would make them potentially undesirable to use.
In the short term, it is kinda doable, because you hear of clinical trials where the result is undesirable going unpublished.
Instead, the believer sees non-believers as abnormal and undesirable.
In agriculture, the genes of crops are modified to enhance desirable features and eliminate undesirable ones.
My best guess is that to avoid some undesirable property damage, you have to make it impossible.
However, if you deviate from the guidelines too much you will likely end up with something undesirable.
But it is how the word is loaded that makes it undesirable.
The probably of something undesirable surviving the uncontrolled reentry of a single much larger object must be higher.
It means changing things so undesirable conditions and irrational behaviour don't control people's lives.
The undesirable one would lose no property, or otherwise be harmed.
We live in a run-down house on a small lot in an undesirable neighborhood.
Individuals are likely to differ as to which attributes of companion birds are desirable and which are undesirable.
Removal of undesirable defects and contaminants in food products is a concern for both food safety and food quality reasons.
No undesirable effects were identified in the literature review.
Essentially, this section addresses response to any undesirable non-oil substance leaked into the environment.

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