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They round up the capital-from pension funds, wealthy individuals, and universities-needed to underwrite a fledgling company.
The government would continue to underwrite loans for living costs, with nonrepayable grants for low-income students.
No press that demands you underwrite the costs of publication is a press you should be dealing with.
The industry groups have offered to help underwrite the centers' research and operating costs.
It cannot be expected to underwrite other countries' deficits indefinitely.
He would underwrite the whole first round of financing himself.
After all, the government will still underwrite those loans, no matter how large.
One of the paradoxes of speculation in securities is that the loans that underwrite it are among the safest of all investments.
Cash-strapped governments had hoped that private employers would underwrite workers' pensions.
Lenders are run for private benefit, but taxpayers underwrite them if things go wrong.
Insurance costs have escalated, forcing many governments to underwrite the risks born by carriers.
Here is a chance for them to earn it by helping underwrite a global public good.
Most importantly, insurers have been able to use the funds as a free source of capital to underwrite new business.
Plans are also under way to underwrite securities and develop a trading platform.
Allow power grid and telecommunication links to piggyback the corridor and help underwrite costs.
Someone at the university was willing to underwrite the work to solve a problem.
Instead, the lender performs its own pre-insurance review using personnel that did not originate or underwrite the mortgage.
Insurers can use your credit history to underwrite your insurance policy or to rate your insurance policy.
Generally, workers who underwrite one type of insurance do not underwrite other types.
Lenders will be expected to underwrite and service the loans.
They may only use it to set premiums, not to underwrite.
We understand that is was common industry practice to underwrite loans at two percentage points above the fully-indexed rate.

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The world isn't kept running because it's a paying proposition. (God doesn't make a cent on the deal.) The world goes on... more
To believe in something not yet proved and to underwrite it with our lives: it is the only way we can leave... more
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