underwhelmed in a sentence

Example sentences for underwhelmed

There is much anticipation of his arrival, but when he turns out to be a walrus, the kids are underwhelmed.
Upon breaking the seal, however, you may find yourself rather underwhelmed.
Going so far over the top that you're audience is underwhelmed.
Business travellers may want something more sober and could well be underwhelmed by the discounted price.
Finally, students risk finding themselves over- or underwhelmed with the work expectations or cultural realities at their sites.
After his visit, two or three were enthusiastic about his candidacy, but the majority reported being underwhelmed.
However, the manufacturers were underwhelmed because the methods required skill to apply and were unproven.
Schwartz finally got to see the lauded film and left the theater underwhelmed.
Bill is immediately underwhelmed by his cheerless date, and as the night grinds on, he bluntly tells her what he thinks.
Crowds turned out by the thousands to hear him almost everywhere he went, but they often left feeling oddly underwhelmed.
But many are underwhelmed by the sterile tourist-boat experience.
Otherwise, it is quite easy to be underwhelmed, as many have prematurely claimed.
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