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When underwater, the animals pushed water past their gills while simultaneously pushing the glottis down.
Water spiders can safely stay underwater for a day or more at a time, longer than previously thought.
Indeed, it is able to displace water and thus adhere to surfaces even underwater.
Farmers in many flood plains plant crops that grow underwater, such as deep water aman rice or jute.
Rooted underwater plants also oxygenate the water, helping to counteract any tendency toward eutrophication.
Underwater mortgage borrowers aren't going to get closer to the surface anytime soon, according to this poll.
When underwater, the animals pushed water past their gills while simultaneously pushing the glottis down.
Then they kept going, right into the water, and set up an elaborate system of underwater test tubes.
Underwater seiches can occur in any lake or bay-a body of water with boundaries where oscillations can occur.
Water tends to polarise light so it seems reasonable to think that the cloak ought to work well underwater.
Remove any foliage from the portion of stems that will be underwater in your vase.
The mimic octopus can impersonate lots of underwater creatures, including flatfish.
There was a definite need to improve upon the design of autonomous underwater vehicles.
When scientists played the songs on underwater speakers, however, other males-not females-showed up.
Ultimately, nothing is left but a murky underwater world full of swirling detritus.
All efforts to plug the underwater well up to now have failed.
He would go to the pool and swim laps, occasionally doing them underwater.
And remember, nobody will care about the fixed focus or anything else, because all of your movies will be shot underwater.
Dolphins and gannets blast through a shimmering, pulsing vortex of fish in these up-close glimpses of an underwater buffet.
Part of the allure of diving is viewing the majesty of underwater worlds.
The proposed museum would be both inland and underwater.
But any new decline will place additional pressure on underwater homeowners.
She used four cameras, including one underwater, to capture the movement of high divers from all angles.
At one point in this blog were told it was underwater mortgages that led to increased social immobility.
At high tide each day much of the town is now underwater.
The continued fall in property prices has left a large and growing fraction of households underwater on their home loans.
The upshot is that the layered rocks do, indeed, seem to have formed underwater.
One trouble with tidal power is the difficulty of servicing underwater installations.
But the underwater channels that irrigated them may have collapsed.
Not surprised at the high underwater rates and the areas.
Visitors can learn geology and history through a guided tour and explore the natural beauty of an underwater cave system.
Nearly one in seven homeowners is underwater, owing more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.
Those cold waters offer plenty to scuba divers, however, as they are packed with shipwrecks and underwater forests of kelp.
Scuba diving provides a glimpse into the underwater universe that is rarely seen by humans.
Pull on a snorkel and enjoy the vistas of the ocean's underwater landscape, from sparkling fish to vibrantly colored coral reefs.
Plenty of people look to snorkeling as a way to pursue adventure in the underwater world.
Your snorkel gear helps you see and breathe underwater to experience the ocean's picturesque landscapes.
The simplest ideas are best at harnessing underwater wave energy.
Another swallower works underwater, in what may be a futile attempt to whet the blade.
Boaters should add simple underwater pinging devices to their emergency gear.
The underwater robots are also clearing pieces of pipe and other debris from the site where the box will sit.
Instead, the team needs to devise an underwater system for locating and releasing the hydrophones.
Not to mention the ability to hold your breath while you work, swimming underwater.
Any sudden earthquake that happens underwater will be detected in the same manner of on on-shore earthquake.
Artists have been busy as well, erecting underwater sculptures and memorials.
The panelists generally appeared to agree that borrowers who are underwater or have second liens are mostly doomed to foreclose.
Re-default is a particularly likely outcome for these previous modifications if it left the homeowner well underwater.
That's because either they aren't a prime borrower and/or their mortgage is underwater.
First, borrowers must be current on their underwater mortgage.
Millions of underwater homeowners can now attest to leverage's downside, with graphs and profanity.
Meanwhile, they began renting out their underwater home to unsuspecting tenants until eviction begins.
If you're a smaller company that can't stand the heat, get out of the mile-underwater reservoir.
The economic collapse threatens the long-held dream of underwater mining.
Imagine him in a bulky suit underwater, then watch as he waves to the camera.
Researchers blindfolded and placed headphones on him so that he could only use his whiskers to sense underwater objects.
Everything goes blurry, and sunlight seems to reach his eyes bent every which way, as though he has suddenly slipped underwater.
Pearls, rare and lustrous, reveal their underwater secrets.
Formerly a research lab, this lodge is now available to anyone wanting to live out their underwater fantasy.
Here and there, those hilly plains are interrupted by underwater mountains called seamounts.
When something explodes underwater, it creates a bubble of hot gases.
These days a host of innovators is probing for new sources of oil underwater.
One year, he had to fold a fish underwater using waterproof paper.
What the autonomous underwater bot found was pretty jarring.
Not only can a crab race across dry land, it can plunge into crashing surf and continue running underwater.
First there is barotrauma, in which the body suffers the same magnitude of pressure felt deep underwater.
First step in navigation software for underwater robots.
Communicating underwater is a tricky business, as any commander of a nuclear submarine will tell you.
It is more or less taking wind tech and moving it underwater.
Autonomous underwater vehicles advance--not to mention stop, turn, and hover.
Offshore power can be hooked into the grid by short and unobtrusive underwater cables.
Two of the boys pointed at the brook where their brother was pinned underwater by a huge concrete block.
Far from being dryly materialistic, their work illuminates the rich underwater world where character is formed and wisdom grows.
Do not attempt to read the manual backward or underwater.
The underwater rocks are so slick with gray-green algae that you have to grope along each one with your foot as you wade.
The smell entered her dreams at night and she'd wake to a slow green sway of branches, as if underwater.
He found himself literally underwater after his training jet stalled and he couldn't make land.
It was the wall of the pool, and while you were sitting at the bar, you could see what the swimmers were doing underwater.
For the millions of homeowners with mortgages underwater there are no easy answers.
If you're not already underwater on your mortgage, there's a decent chance you will be.
Underwater plants provide oxygen, food, and shelter.

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