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Example sentences for undertone

Others also perceived a mercantilist undertone in the president's speech, and not for no reason.
They stepped aside and the policeman spoke in an undertone, urging something strongly.
The undertone is that they're accelerating but that's an unjustified conclusion from the data.
The difference, however, is in the moralistic undertone usually sensed in the former.
Anticipation was obvious in people's faces, and the talk became a sort of nervous undertone.
Shea's style combines a briskly practical surface with a lyrical undertone.
The revolutionary undertone was appropriate, for this was a subversive new model in the staid world of cause marketing.
Despite the good cheer, there's a wistful undertone to the proceedings.
News from abroad unquestionably played a big part in the strong undertone to the foreign exchange market of yesterday.
The flavor was vaguely green and spicy, sweet with a slight smoky undertone.
The simmering undertone of violence in our politics seems to be getting darker.
It has a vibrant undertone of socioeconomic injustice.
It's funny and cool, sarcastic yet has this terrific undertone of sincerity.
The pipeline project has always had a strong geopolitical undertone.
There is a gloomy undertone in the article, and understandably so.
People with dark skin tones are autumns if they have a truly golden undertone.
Prices are steady with a steady to barely steady undertone.
The general weaker undertone of the low heat market is having an impact on the high heat market tone and pricing levels.
Feed grade soybeans were steady with a higher undertone.
The market on tom bulk parts is steady at best and a cautious at best undertone found on tom full-cut wings.
Most mill buyers reported a cautious undertone as finished product demand remained sluggish.
The market on white meat is steady with a weak undertone noted.
The animal is usually light brown, sometimes with a lilac undertone.
The market tone for meats is not fully tested and has a steady to weak undertone.

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Self-blame usually has an undertone of self-congratulation.... more
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