understory in a sentence

Example sentences for understory

But this lush canopy has distracted attention from the understory of the reef, he added.
The forest becomes more open and dry, losing much of its understory, including tree seedlings.
Bracken fern and wild ginger thrived in the late-summer understory.
The understory is kept clean of debris and shade tolerant species by periodic fires.
The habitat is generally open, and consists of low understory.
They include the understory, mixed, and stand replacement fire regimes.
The wetland understory can be any, or a variety, of wetland plant community types ranging from wet prairie to hatrack cypress.
Some plantations that have not been recently thinned have little if any understory.
Sunlight filtering through to the understory is reduced because of the dense canopy.
In the understory shrubs such as hazelnut, thimbleberry, western azalea and wood rose are common.
The many species of the annual and perennial understory also vary depending on moisture and exposure.
It is recruited to the understory and overstory only under conditions of high light intensity.
Each mid-block bulb out will have a uniform selection of tree and understory planting to provide a buffer to street traffic.
For the aspen sites, bark area and understory leaf area indexes were found.
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