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Example sentences for understated

But he also understated the extent to which that failure doomed the country.
His style was understated and he seemed a bit scattered.
It's an understated number for an underestimated generation.
Lew is more understated, but don't take him for any less stylish.
In his understated but sturdy main character he gives us an instance of one of the best who lack all conviction.
The dining room is a perfect blend of rustic and modern, understated elegant.
But once you get past the riotous red hair, his style is understated.
He had been promoted to first lieutenant two days before, but in his typical understated manner kept the news to himself.
If anything, the students in his course had understated the magnitude of the problem.
After all, rather than overstating they had understated their schooling.
Shirts should be white or light blue only, while ties should be understated in pattern and color.
The result is a forty-three-story paradox: an understated palazzo.
Understated irony, ever so faintly tinged with melancholy, was his style.
If so, the consequences of the flu may be overstated or the risks of the vaccine are understated.
And maybe the costs of the proposed corrective measures are also being understated.
The understated ways of old money do not apply here.
The rooms are immaculate, with pretty furnishings and an understated elegance.
His approach is so understated and thoughtful that it might be lost on someone looking for culinary fireworks.
And this whole event has been understated from the beginning.
She was perfectly dressed in beige, looking both stylish and understated.
The potential benefits of this technology should not be understated.
It's a grimly understated vision of a post-apocalyptic world.
To say that the technology industry moves quickly would be understated.
It's cool in both senses of the word, understated yet exciting, and with a tension that keeps you reading.
Seemingly understated, these translations have the tension and memorability of art.
But in their understated way the stories captured fleeting moments of loss.
In any case, some argue that the relevance of business research is understated.
She is impeccable, from polished court shoes to understated earrings.
There have been occasional complaints both that it has overstated the extent of the problem, and that it has understated it.
The contempt she feels for the greed, filth and viciousness that she encounters is all the more compelling for being understated.
The understated tone suggests a government suitably aware of its limitations.
But the chaebol do not produce consolidated accounts, so their debts are grossly understated.
Any fame he has enjoyed has been of the quiet, understated sort.
Another relatively simple explanation is that both food and income expenditures are understated in the official survey.
The dynamic complexity and negative externalities are simply understated by virtually everyone.
His performance isn't understated, exactly, but it's wonderfully nuanced.
It is therefore likely that the reported number of juveniles in private facilities is understated.
The claims falsely understated the actual hours worked and income received by the truck drivers.
The flower detail on cream background is elegant and understated.
The flower detail on gold background is elegant and understated.
Since the accounts payable balance is understated, the total liability is understated.
The importance of this program in mitigating problems with these individuals cannot be understated.
It's home to the understated, and the wacky, and you often find them right next to each other on the sidewalk.
But because she was so dignified and understated, soldiers could identify with her.
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