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And what stronger instance can be produced of the surprising ignorance and weakness of the understanding than the present.
They were no longer mere shows, distracting the spectator from the main theme of the drama, but helps to the understanding of it.
If they were at a perfect understanding in any part, no words would be necessary thereon.
Nothing in the picture indicates place or time, though, and neither really matters to understanding the image.
Understanding the significance of the newly-described dinosaur requires a little background information.
Looking at a single region for a single year is not a scientific method for understanding global environmental change.
To do it properly required a total understanding of the art and culture that gave rise to particular modes of writing.
They validate, verify and provide contextual understanding of the art and artifacts that are the domain of curators.
And she says parents who report being sarcastic themselves have kids who are better at understanding sarcasm.
Also, my understanding is the steel drums were shaped from empty oil drums left by naval submarines after refueling.
As researchers have tried to resolve those contradictions, a new paradigm for understanding glaucoma has emerged.
And understanding them is vital to addressing climate change.
Scientists are good at understanding processes that they can study.
In education, it has to do with students' awareness of their actual level of understanding of a topic.
They then take those skills and use them to build a more complex understanding of the game and their roles in it.
It offers the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and to develop skills they will need to make their way in it.
The pair also agreed to an effort to deepen mutual understanding of each other's language and culture.
The next essential step as a grant writer is understanding what the agency or foundation wants.
It means understanding your mentoring as a professional obligation.
Foreign language study helps with the understanding of native language.
But, historians and humanists also have a role to play in understanding natural and recreational sites that appeal to tourists.
It had argued that the big firms might arrive at an implicit understanding to restrict industry supply.
It is rather worrying, then, that something profound may be missing from that understanding.
But winning a board game is a trivial task compared with understanding the complexities and idiosyncrasies of human speech.
What is needed is a better understanding of the theory of the winds themselves.
Unearthing those imprints is the key to understanding what is going on and then treating it.
Understanding those, they felt sure, would result in a cure.
Law was a brilliant mathematician who used his understanding of probability to help his gambling habit.
They have been aided by a wealth of data and a fair understanding of the underlying incentives.
Science can help with the growing understanding of the parasite and of how anti-malarial drugs work.
Economists have a technical expertise and a thorough understanding of markets and incentives.
Cultural differences mean that a literal understanding of what someone says is often a world away from real understanding.
Understanding those responses makes it possible to model what changes in climate might mean to the incidence of the disease.
Understanding how to manage it is the key to development.
Proteins play a part in almost everything your body does, so they're key to understanding everything from digestion to cancer.
It does not, however, work well for content that relies on a higher level of understanding or expertise.
The breakthrough science behind our new understanding of the brain.
And with a bit more understanding, patients can become participants in their own health.
Entanglement is important but difficult to study, both in terms of a theoretical understanding and doing experiments.
Understanding the idea of region and the process of regionalization is fundamental to being geographically informed.
Understanding the nature of regions requires a flexible approach to the world.
Understanding what caused the extinction has implications for conservation biology.
Local knowledge provides a foundation for global understanding.
Our guests routinely risk their lives, their fortunes, and even their families to expand our understanding of our universe.
Studying indigenous languages therefore benefits environmental understanding and conservation efforts.
He said study of the birds advances understanding of how higher intelligence evolves.
Furthermore, crows may provide clues to understanding human intelligence.
Explain that a factor in determining trade routes was an understanding of cyclical weather patterns.
Understanding shark migration routes can be key to saving the declining fish, experts say.
The paleontologists say their discovery advances understanding of dinosaur evolution and diversification.
Understanding the biggest controversy of this pro football season.
Now the role of poetry is not simply to hold understanding in place but to help create and hold a realm of experience.
For an understanding over the supranational control of atomic energy has been made more remote.
But the reporters' questions weren't geared toward getting a better understanding of those points.
My understanding of it comes from my own experience of living in it.
And yet blue eyes are part of our understanding of what it means to be human today.
Understanding whether this situation might improve requires understanding what the problems have been so far.
And often this expansion has entailed the extension of mutual understanding across bounds of ethnicity, religion, or nationality.
He also demonstrates an understanding of how to use simple, compound, and complex sentences.
If anyone tries no till without understanding that, they will fail.
The human mind often confuses familiarity with understanding.
We have to have a better understanding of the nature of the hazard at the molecular level.
Two concepts are central to understanding what causes wind: air and air pressure.
The understanding of the dual nature of light made the ether's existence unnecessary.
Cosmologists can now go to the next level and claim an understanding of the formation of structures in the universe.
Anyone who has been tasked with exceedingly tedious administrative work probably has an intimate understanding of this well.
The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion draws all things else to support and agree with it.
Perhaps not consumed by any but the robotic culture due to the complexities beyond human understanding.
Understanding the thoughts and feelings of other individuals is essential for navigating the social world.
And they learn that the flip side of fear is understanding.
One advantage in being a former refugee is understanding when help is needed.
She had an iron stomach and was incapable of understanding that other people did not.
Our sense of space is crucial to our understanding of the world around us.
The theories described below illustrate the diversity of scientific approaches to understanding religion.
Neuroscientists know that the first step in understanding something is to get a good look at it.
Such a theory might provide us the tools for gaining a clear understanding of the origin of the universe.
Frankly, there is no clear understanding of the source.
She thinks this approach could revolutionize our understanding of gravity and uncork the deepest workings of the universe.
Over the next two centuries scientists got a clearer understanding of how those signals work.
Most believe that quantum theory is fundamentally sound but that our understanding of gravity must change.
She believes birds are the best model for understanding human language.
These experiments in linguistic variety could also inspire a better understanding of how language came about in the first place.
Fossil bones are wonderful for understanding anatomy, but they are inherently static.
It is also changing our understanding of what diseases are and where they come from.
While we've made a lot of progress in understanding sleep, we've a long way to go to understand dreaming.
Read about the boundaries of humanity's mathematical understanding of the universe.
Even more so than physics, philosophy is a subject that requires really working through the problems to grow understanding.
For us, understanding how things work connects us to the universe.
Understanding the biology of these protective variants could offer new routes to disease prevention and treatment.
Making television smarter requires understanding why it is our favorite gadget.
Atmospheric physics is so complex that climate scientists have only a rudimentary understanding of how it works.
Our understanding of these levels directly affects patient care.
Understanding how the immune system reacts to certain cancers and drugs could help clinicians better diagnose and treat patients.
Understanding this difference might provide new ways for search engines to attract more users and drive more traffic.
Ignorance and myth have given way to an extraordinarily detailed understanding of life, matter and the universe.
But a full understanding of what's going on has so far eluded scientists.
She hopes that understanding how branching normally happens will reveal ways to intervene when it goes awry.
All that is required is a reasonable model of user growth and a good understanding of the profit each user can generate.
But this process is entirely intuitive, based as much on gut feel as on a good understanding of the dynamics of the audience.
They need a better theoretical understanding of the processes that generate telluric waves.
Effective administration of access policy requires understanding the hacker's mind and methods.
There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
My understanding is that an animated movie starts with everyone recording dialogue and then you animate after that.
Understanding this requires a bit of history, starting with the moment when human beings first realized why birds have wings.
Yes, of course, so much better it would be to possess that taste purely through understanding and living.
But others may be trying to jolt us into a new understanding of art, or even a new understanding of life.
He even seemed to develop an understanding of absence, something akin to the concept of zero.
There was an understanding among everyone in the room that this was how it was supposed to be.
The layout of the rooms and the disposition of their occupants is important to an understanding of what later occurred.
It should be no wonder that you have not mastered the understanding of them all.
They put effort and resources into collecting them, refining them, understanding what they say about their performance.
The public's understanding of crime is always based on facts that get parsed out to them for whatever reason.
His chief contribution to our civilization is his leadership in the understanding of nature.
Biologists are in closer contact than physicists with the oddities of nature and the limitations of human understanding.
Nevertheless, although he never published a fugue or composed an opera, his work reveals a deep understanding of both traditions.
The novel has been described as magical realist-true as far as it goes, but not too helpful to understanding it.
The understanding that this gospel gives its readers of themselves is complex.
Then there is always the possibility that the life will throw light on the books and deepen our understanding of them.
His implied message is therefore one of tolerance and understanding.
Because in any context, understanding failure tells us much about ourselves.
My prayers were answered beyond my shallow understanding of what true joy could be.
Politicians are constantly dialing for dollars, with the tacit understanding that the generous will be rewarded.
He has no understanding on how to use the amendatory veto.
The role of the media is to give an honest understanding of reality.
She used hers to advance science and understanding.
There are considerable difficulties in understanding it because of two false images, which are widespread.
There was an instinctive understanding among those moviemakers that spectacle was inimical to comedy.
Improved understanding of coronal loops means improved understanding of solar physics as a whole.
Scientists now have a fairly good understanding of how the plates move and how such movements relate to earthquake activity.

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