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Ancient people may have discovered dinosaur fossils and understandably misinterpreted them as the remains of dragons.
But neighbors, understandably, want to see potentially dangerous blazes stamped out as quickly as possible.
She is understandably thrilled to have some time to focus on long-gestating projects.
He is the fourth year of his program and is starting to become understandably frustrated with the process.
Conversations surrounding the use of animals in research are understandably truncated by emotion.
He and his team understandably got attached to the rovers.
Studies have, understandably, more looked at treatment than at systematically exploring toxic effects of pepper spray.
He didn't want to cover any more wars, understandably.
Understandably, these firms have a vested interest in improved security.
So the actual target areas where these falling satellites can do any damage are understandably small.
However, understandably, the government may not want to release that data.
Most people are understandably ignorant of the sport.
The conjunction of nuclear, drilling, and clean coal made them understandably apoplectic.
Understandably, you'd probably be suspicious and wonder what was being compromised.
Sure, that was an enormous accomplishment, and understandably it swayed their thinking.
The public is understandably confused or uninterested.
The medical profession, understandably, has a bias toward doing whatever will bring medical benefit.
Our data show that these teachers understandably want to avoid controversy.
Many people are understandably confused about the naming convention of wind directions.
She was understandably panicked, and the restaurant was temporarily evacuated.
People understandably have been fixated on a vaccine.
Understandably, the companies paying for air time are milking these pricey ad campaigns for all their worth.
He cajoled loans from museums and collectors who were understandably reluctant to part with their art even for a few weeks.
They are captives, understandably, of their experience.
The history is a rich one, too, because people understandably react to a bubble's excesses by calling for the reverse.
There is, understandably, rising opposition to this trend.
Understandably, the government does not want militarily useful stuff to fall into the hands of its foes.
The world's astronomers are, understandably, fizzing with excitement.
Beyond that, they are understandably unwilling to speculate.
With much of that issuance underwater, investors are understandably wary of throwing good money after bad.
All these incidents took place at a time of chaos, when communications were disrupted and officers were understandably frazzled.
The prospect of harder times is, understandably, making them nervous.
Websites that pay for content are understandably upset about losing a war to rivals that do not always do so.
Cost of running accounting software and mailings is understandably included.

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