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Blind people can easily comprehend speech that is sped up far beyond the maximum rate that sighted people can understand.
In terms of humans being a credit to the planet, it is important to understand that there is nothing natural about a garden.
There, with residents running their dogs along the dunes, it's easy to understand how such natural opulence fuels inspiration.
It may take some time for folks to understand the environmental and medical repercussions of wood burning smoke.
If you wish to understand others look into your own heart.
They wouldn't understand and they don't deserve to understand.
He has lost the secret of the older devices, and does not understand the new which were about to usurp their place.
The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way:.
Or perhaps it thinks that only by dangling countries over the abyss will they understand the need to reform.
Displaying information can make a difference by enabling people to understand complex matters and find creative solutions.
Germans need to understand the risks to their banking system and their prosperity.
First, each department must understand the global strategy map and scorecard, as well as its own strategic goals.
However, the less education you have, the less likely you are to understand the risks of smoking.
While they could understand their parents' language, their parents could not understand theirs.
When goods were scarce and people bought what they could get, it was hardly necessary to understand consumer psychology.
The effort to understand dark matter defined much of astronomy for the next two decades.
Vocabulary, for instance-older people know more words and understand subtle linguistic distinctions.
The scientists didn't know that the family didn't understand.
We encourage visitors to explore the material culture of the past to better understand its relevance to the present.
The goal is to get robots to understand us, all our quirks and little nuances and get us to trust them.
My need to understand the city is perhaps inescapable.
The phrase stuck, for reasons that anyone who has seen them will understand.
Each item is carefully coded to help visitors understand the items history and significance.
Because-it sounds trite, but it's true-if you can't explain something, you don't really understand it.
It is also harder to understand, predict, and regulate.
When information is stacked in time, it is difficult to understand context and evaluate relationships.
The syllabus graphic is quite simple and it's one that students easily understand.
If nothing else, it will alert the committee that you understand the nature of the job you're seeking.
For those of us who understand the rigors of the academic life, the survival of this myth is curious.
One of the best ways to avoid becoming bait is to understand that you are not a seer.
Your résumé should be easy to scan and understand quickly.
Students and scholars who understand the basic logic of fair use have nothing to fear.
Most important, the letter tells us if you really understand the job.
They didn't have to understand what was being asked in order to provide an answer.
Explain to students that a geographic perspective is a way to understand anything distributed across space.
Translating infrasound helps scientists begin to understand elephant behavior.
Geographers use maps as tools to discern patterns and to understand why things are where they are.
Then, ask them why it is important to understand who or what the health of the bay affects.
Most owners talk to their dogs and expect them to understand.
Explain that these elements help us understand more about our land and our relationships with it.
Better understand the need for clean energy and learn how to be part of the solution.
Now researchers are making use of this fact to help understand patterns of human migration.
Decoding the platypus genome has long been an important goal for biologists seeking to understand the origins of mammal evolution.
For older or more advanced students, ask them to read the first paragraph, and help them understand what it means.
Regions help us organize and better understand geographic information.
See what scientists are doing to try to understand the deepest mystery of quantum physics.
Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
New mouse model could help researchers better understand bipolar disorder.
Anyone who has ever tried to program something knows that to program a system, you have to understand that system.
Some perplexed monkeys are helping scientists better understand why humans became the only animals to evolve language.
Reading stories can fine-tune your social skills by helping you better understand other human beings.
Space fans can today play a cosmic slot machine to help astronomers understand the biggest pile-ups in the universe.
Such animals will allow researchers to better understand certain problems that can arise during pregnancy.
However it fails to understand that natural selection is an unforgiving, unthinking, uncaring process.
There is no indication from your comments that you understand this model any better than your target stereotypes.
Twenty three world-renowned psychologists write about what they still don't understand about themselves.
The best way to begin to understand turbulence is to visualize what the air is doing.
The ability to listen to and understand one's partner and is the foundation of a successful relationship.
The odds are good that you don't understand the market quite as well as you think.
We need to understand what causes obesity, and what can really address it.
Reading about craftsmanship helps students understand the material and social life of hacking.
It's a fascinating journey to try and understand what they are.
Instead, we'll shout at them from across the street, with a good chance they won't understand what we're saying.
Living and working in a foreign country, you begin to understand the rituals that create community.
It helps to understand that all meat is muscle, and as muscles develop, they get tougher and more flavorful.
And what they've found is that nearly everything humans think they understand about taste is wrong.
One of the major goals of neuroscience is to understand how our brains are shaped by everyday experiences.
To make the map easier to understand, only the strongest connections are shown.
The idea is to create programs that understand context, so that users can interact with the software more naturally.
Then it could use the cloud-stored data as desired-for example, to search the database to understand how its workers collaborate.
In our global economy, the ability to understand languages other than one's native tongue grows more important every day.
It turns out that this is a rich vein of information to better understand our online behaviour.
Training bugs may help us understand our own brains.
It's a great way to take complicated, contentious issues and simplify them, making them easier to understand.
We need to understand the realities of nuclear power: the advantages, the safety issues, and the danger based on the facts.
It's important for the public to understand that scientific debate leads to better science.
Thank you to the people who have responded with information to help me further understand the problem.
Understand that isolation will not break the junta's grip on its long-suffering people.
With a bad economy and ten years of mismanaged military policy, it's not difficult to understand why.
The movers, however, well understand the difference.
One, the people who were taking out the subprime mortgage loans-many of them didn't understand what they were doing.
To understand the oppressed and side with them all you need to know is that there are oppressors.
We must reject and resist the notion that the fewer people can understand an idea, the more important that idea must be.
Frankly, my worn-out lecture notes don't help me understand today's newscasts.
It is never enough to read the instructions on a form to understand how it should be filled in.
But the same approach would be used to understand more complicated expressions.
We suddenly understand her-her bitterness, her deep pool of sadness.
The ground of her being is her belief that the only way people can understand anything at all is through the use of language.
In fact, he was found guilty of a crime so discreet people couldn't understand what the crime was.
The minute they started to understand, they were outraged.
Fear is something one has to think through and understand.
But you have to understand the environment she was in.
What the rich never seem to understand, he says, is that it is in their own interest to look out for the interest of other people.
If you don't understand or are confused, ask your doctor to explain the answer again.
It is important to know current inundation risks to understand the potential effects of changing conditions.
They also need to understand what changes could be made to the air pollution sources that cause the problem.
Easy for consumers to understand and relate to survey results.
Result of these studies will help water resource managers understand effects of wildfire on streams and downstream water quality.
Sometimes the contrast helps them understand their own faith better.

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