understaffed in a sentence

Example sentences for understaffed

So many hospitals are understaffed and overworked, in this regard, yes it is better to have firemen arrive on the scene.
The trouble is that these bureaucracies are often inefficient, understaffed and incapable of working properly in rural areas.
Police and courts are understaffed, underpaid and susceptible to bribes and threats.
It is heavily understaffed, has no chartered accountant and has only one lawyer.
They said they are understaffed and ill-equipped to protect the campus.
Most programs are understaffed with only one or two faculty.
Herring gets his recruits, thus solving the short-term problem of an understaffed local police unit.
The already overburdened and understaffed senior management team gets cut in half.
Others are warehoused in disgusting, depressing, underfunded and understaffed nursing homes.
The agency is terribly understaffed and they often don't pursue all cases.
The strategy was designed to reverse years of neglect that had created a porous, understaffed and ill-equipped border.
The second pillar is for qualified specialists in understaffed professions.
Hospitals are understaffed and their primary objective is to provide medical care.
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