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But the air on the bottom still strikes the underside of the wing, pushes it up into the partial vacuum and then bounces down.
The light then bounces off the bottom mirror, and then bounces again off the underside of the top mirror.
The underside of the leather, which is suede, should be the same color as the finished side.
If so, the plastron would have shielded the turtle's underside from predators approaching from below.
Using the second magnet to hold it in place, put the second bearing on the underside of the fabric.
There were also poverty, discord and social injustice-the same dark underside as any urban center.
But the protection offered by a cradle-to-grave welfare system hides a dark underside.
And it is known that the plankton they eat cling to the underside of packed ice, ice that may start melting as temperatures rise.
To inch along over coral and rocks, they use a flat muscle on their underside, called a sticky foot.
They dive down deep and look for prey that appear as dark silhouettes against the brighter underside of the ice.
The common sandpiper has a brown upper body and a white underside.
Besides, you need to pay attention to the underside of the abalone's shell.
But this phrase hardly describes the underside of the boom- town.
When this approach is used, even the underside of the sphere is utilized.
The underside of the mantle-the boundary between it and the liquid outer core-is probably rugged terrain.
Another area, on the underside of the brain, is important for recognizing people's faces.
As it crawls over the reef, it digests the underlying coral by extruding its stomach out through its underside.
The roach creeps obediently inside and sits there quietly as the wasp lays her egg on its underside.
Some offer striking views, not only of the cityscape but also of the curving, sheltering underside of the balconies above.
But even the noblest endeavor has its dark underside.
Place a rigid splint on the underside of the wrist, hand, and forearm.
When the beetle reaches the underside of the log, it pauses, then dips out of sight.
But this fusion of personality with a wounded city had an underside.
Thereafter they discovered the underside, which included unanticipated and often irresponsible press criticism.
Access to the underside of the cars is difficult because of tight clearance between the equipment and the running rails.
Ice divers use a quadrat to study the density of creatures living on the underside of ice floes.
The eggs are laid singly on the underside of leaves and the larva hatch in three days.
Overall yellowish brown to yellow, back darker,underside yellow or white.

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